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Self-cleaning ovens explained

Oven cleaning made super easy.

Cleaning the oven used to be a tough old job that no one wanted to do, but now it couldn’t be easier! Nowadays you’ll find models with super helpful features that’ll do the work for you. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about pyrolytic, catalytic and steam cleaning, including Hotpoint’s Hydro Steam Technology.

Catalytic cleaning

Some ovens use catalytic liners to clean the main cavity. These special sheets are fitted to the walls inside your oven and are designed to absorb any grease and food residue that’s left behind after cooking. Once your oven reaches high temperatures, the leftover bits of food are oxidised into a fine ash and fall to the base of the cavity – making the tough task of cleaning a whole lot easier. All you have to do is give it a good wipe, simple!

Pyrolytic cleaning

If you want to say goodbye to oven cleaning forever, look out for an oven with a special pyrolytic cleaning programme, like this built-in model from Hotpoint. This uses extremely high temperatures to burn away any food residue – reducing it to a small pile of ash that you simply wipe away. While the programme is working its magic, the oven door is locked, so it’s incredibly safe too.

Hydro Clean Technology

Hotpoint’s special Hydro Clean Technology, as featured on this model here, uses steam to clean away all the unwanted splatters from your oven. All you need to do is pour some water into the base of the oven and select the 35-minute self-cleaning programme. The oven heats up, creating steam which loosens any baked on food. Once the oven has cooled down, give it a wipe with a damp cloth and it’ll sparkle again.