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What games can I play with Google Home?

Check out some fun games to play on your smart speaker.

There are a whole host of fun games you can play on your Google Home smart speaker, from game shows to fast-paced adventures. We've picked out some of our favourites in this guide, all you need to do is download the games from this page and ask Google to play.

Mad libs

Chances are you've played this before. Mad libs asks you for random words then it creates a story based around your choices. Great for kids and adults, the only limit here is your imagination. Just remember to keep it PG if the little ones are in earshot.

The Magic Door

Kind of like one of those 'choose your own adventure' books, The Magic Door takes you through a variety of locations as you solve riddles, find hidden items and encounter a variety of magical creatures. You decide what happens in the story, so you'll get a different experience every time you play.

Lucky Trivia

Turn your Google Home smart speaker into a game show host with Lucky Trivia. You can play this by yourself or with 4 friends to really see who's got the best chance of winning a pub quiz. There's loads of different topics so whether you know more about sports or history, you're bound to win some bragging rights.


No matter what your specialist subject is, there's a trivia game for you on your Google Home smart speaker. Prove that you're the best in Westeros, worthy to captain the USS Enterprise or unmatched when it comes to capital cities with a wide variety of fun and challenging quizzes.

And that's not all...

Google Home smart speakers aren’t just good for beating boredom, there’s loads of things you can do with them. Link up with other smart devices around the home, check the weather or get the latest news – there are actually over a million things you can do!

If you don’t want to spend all your time figuring out the other 999,992 actions, we can help you out. Our Google Home guide has everything you need to know about these smart speakers, including some secret things you can ask. Check it out!

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