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How to set up a smart speaker

Find out how to get your smart speaker up and running with our handy guide.

If you’re wondering how to set up your new smart speaker, we’ve got you covered. They’re designed to be super easy and simple to do, just plug it in, connect it to your smartphone and follow the on-screen instructions.

Our step-by-step guide has more information, so you’ll be chatting away like old friends in no time!

Here's what you'll need...

A smart speaker – this one’s really important

An iOS or Android smartphone or tablet

Internet connection

The Google Home or Amazon Alexa app (depending on the device you’ve got)

How do I set up a Google Home smart speaker?

  • Plug your Google Home speaker in and wait for it to light up.
  • Make sure you’re connected to your home Wi-Fi and open the Google Home app on your smartphone.
  • Sign in to your Google account and go to the devices section.
  • It will start to scan for nearby devices. Once it's found your Google Home speaker, follow the steps on screen.
  • After this, your Google Home speaker will play a test sound. Tap 'I heard the sound' on your smartphone to move to the next step.
  • Once you’ve entered some final details like your language and location, you’ll be ready to go!

All set! Now you can enjoy everything that Google Home has to offer. Check out our handy article on this smart speaker to find out how it can help you out at home.

How do I set up Amazon Alexa?

These steps will work for any Amazon Alexa smart speaker:

  • Plug in the Alexa speaker
  • Check you’re connected to your WiFi and install the Amazon Alexa app
  • Once you’ve opened the app, tap the Devices icon, then the + symbol
  • Follow the instructions to connect your Alexa to a WiFi network.

All set! It’s really as easy as that, you’re ready to chat away with your new Alexa. For more information on what Alexa can do, check out our guide.

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How do I set up the Lenovo Smart Display?

  • Plug the Smart Display in and wait for the screen to boot up
  • Make sure you’re connected to your home Wi-Fi, open the Google Home app on your smartphone and sign in to your Google account
  • At the top, there should be a section with “1 device found”. Tap ‘set up’.
  • You should see a code on both your smartphone and the Smart Display. If the codes match up, tap ‘Yes’ in the bottom right.
  • Follow the steps on your smartphone and connect the Smart Display to your WiFi network.

All set! You’ll still need to set up some preferences but that only takes a few minutes. You’re all ready to play around with your new gadget.