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How to speed up a tablet

Find out how to get your tablet back up to speed with our handy guide.

If your tablet is a little sluggish these days, there are a few ways to speed things up again. You might need to update your operating system, uninstall apps or reset your tablet, but we’ll help out with every step.

How to update your tablet

Sometimes, operating systems need an update to keep your tablet up to speed – think of it as a bit of pampering for your tech. The latest operating systems have exciting new features to play with, but they also fix bugs and improve performance, which will help to speed your device up.

For Apple users, head over to the ‘Settings' app and go to ‘General’. If your device needs an update, you’ll see a numbered icon next to ‘Software Update’. Tap this, select ‘Download and Install’ and follow the steps on screen.

If you’ve got an Android tablet, find the ‘Settings’ app on your device and look for the ‘System’ tab. Tap on ‘System Update’ and you’ll be able to download the latest version of your tablet’s OS if you need to.

How to uninstall apps

Another way to get your tablet running smoothly again is to uninstall any apps you don’t use anymore, as they could be putting strain on your device’s processing power. It might be time to give Candy Crush the boot!

Uninstalling apps couldn’t be easier. If you’ve got an iPad, all you need to do is hold down the app icon until it starts to shake, then tap the X that appears in the top corner. Simple!

For any Android tablet, head over to the ‘Settings’ app and tap on the ‘App’ section. Click on any apps you want to boot and hit that ‘Uninstall’ button!

How to return your tablet to factory settings

If you’re still struggling to get your tablet back to its best, it might be time to reset your device to factory settings. It should run like new, after getting rid of any harmful junk cluttering it up.

Please note: make sure that you’ve got a copy of any precious photos, messages or documents that you want to keep before doing this.

For Apple devices, head back to the Settings app and tap the ‘Reset’ option. Select the ‘Reset all settings’ button and follow the steps there.

Anyone with an Android tablet will find the factory reset option in the ‘System’ tab of the Settings app.