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Top dishwasher hacks

Save yourself a bit of time and effort with these dishwashing tips.

We’re always looking for hacks that make our lives that little bit easier, and there are loads you can do with your dishwasher that you may not have thought about. We won’t be cooking a salmon fillet or cleaning shoes in there, just showing off some simple ideas to give your dishes that extra bit of sparkle, while saving yourself some time and effort.

Boost your drying time

Something as simple as giving your dishes a little breathing room cuts down drying time, so you can get started on dinner quicker. It allows air to easily weave in between the dishes, speeding up the drying process and leaving them gleaming.

For that extra sparkle, make sure you’ve got rinse aid. This speeds up drying time by getting rid of any water droplets left on your glasses, giving them a brilliant shine – ready for the next tipple or two! At the end of the cycle, cracking open the door helps dry your dishes without using excess energy. Some AEG models come with AirDry technology which actually do this automatically. Clever little things!

Stack your dishwasher properly

Loading your dishwasher can be like real life Tetris. It’s all about stacking dishes efficiently for a good ol’ clean. For best results, bowls, cups and glasses should face downwards on the top rack while dirty pots, pans and casserole dishes should go on the bottom.

Stacking the dishwasher can be painful sometimes. Luckily, AEG have some clever tech to help with the backache. ComfortLift raises the bottom rack to knee height, so it’s a whole lot easier to load up your dishwasher and blitz through those dirty dishes!

Don't forget the cutlery, too!

Just like with plates or glassware, there is a right way to wash cutlery in a dishwasher. For safety reasons, knives should face downwards while everything else should actually face upwards and larger utensils need to be laid out flat on the top rack.

It’s also important to make sure that cutlery doesn’t get too close so they can still get a good clean - spooning is not allowed (pardon the pun!). Some AEG models have a removable cutlery tray, so you can save yourself any extra effort and load it all outside of the dishwasher instead of bending down to get it.

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