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What is Mixed Reality?

If you’re reading this, you’re either curious about Mixed Reality or you’ve already heard a little bit and just want to make sure you’ve not been pranked. Whichever it is, we hope you’re sat down as we reckon this mind-blowing combination of real and virtual life is ready to bowl you over!

A good mix

Mixed Reality basically pinches the best bits of Augmented and Virtual Reality. It takes people, places and things from your physical and virtual worlds and brings them together in a wonderfully crazy utopia. Perhaps what’s most impressive is having the power to explore both environments at the same time. So, you can get lost in this virtual world of fun while never being too far away from what’s going on around you.

How on earth does it work?

Understandably, the exact details of the tech is closely guarded. What we do know is that this pure witchcraft scans your physical environment and creates a 3D map. This helps the device to work out where it can place digital content in your real environment so you can interact with it. Imagine sitting in your front room and a rhino crashes through the wall. No damage, no mess, but it’s there. That’s Mixed Reality.

Love it! What's next?

It’s not just about playing immersive games at home - the plans and possibilities are insane. From teleporting from the other side of the world to interact with other users in the same virtual space to hands-on medical studies of the human anatomy. Microsoft are even exploring the possibility of changing the way American Football fans engage with the game they love. Initial ideas include interacting with fans, players and engaging with sponsors – imagine all of that in the Premier League! A truly life-changing bit of kit. Surely you’re now as excited as we are?!