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How do I store my food to keep it fresh?

Our guide will help you keep your food fresher for longer.

Nothing is worse than food going off just a few days after you've done the weekly shop, so we're here to help your food last longer. We’ll show you some amazing fridge freezer technology that creates the perfect environment for your food and share some fresh tips and tricks for your groceries.

How do I keep food fresh in the fridge?

If you want to stop your dairy going green and your greens going brown, there’s loads of fridge freezer tech to keep your food as fresh as possible.

Hotpoint’s range of fridge freezers with Day 1 technologies include a special food care zone that’s the coolest place in the fridge. The temperature stays just above freezing, creating the perfect conditions for meat and fish so it stays full of delicious flavour. Plus, if you’re a fan of strong cheeses, Active Oxygen removes any funky smells so your Brie, Stilton and even Stinking Bishop stay fresher for longer. The rest of your fridge will thank you!

How do I keep food fresh in the freezer?

There’s so much more to freezing food than popping it in the freezer and forgetting about it. Hotpoint’s Day 1 technology has a special Freeze Care system that keeps the temperature steady, so your steaks stay in prime condition.

These models also have special multi-temperature compartments which let you change the temperature to suit your food. You can freeze last night’s leftovers locking in that great flavour or put groceries in at -7⁰C to keep them fresher for longer. Our favourite hack? Store ice cream at -12⁰C and you’ll get perfect scoops straight to your cone.

Food shopping and storage tips

Have you ever bought more when you go shopping because you’re hungry? Don’t worry, us too. Which is why we like to stick to these rules to help keep that trolley full of awesome food fresher for longer: 

  • Organisation is key! Split the freezer into food groups so you can find it easier
  • Dust off that old label maker from Christmas ’07 and label your frozen food so you know what it is and how long it’s been in
  • Think of meat and fish as your fridge’s VIPs. They need to be kept in their own section, as it’s easy for them to absorb odours from other foods.
  • We all love a 2-for-1 offer, but try not to overstock your fridge. Keep food away from the walls so cold air can still get around and keep your food fresh.

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