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What is food preservation technology?

Take a look at some handy ways to preserve your food and keep it fresher for longer.

We all love a nice and crispy salad, but it can be tough to keep our favourite food in tip top shape. Luckily, we’ve stumbled on a few bits of tech that does wonders for your weekly shop and keeps it as fresh as day one.

Active Oxygen

It’s time to ditch the nose plugs, some fridge freezers have special tech that keeps any bad smells from popping up and preserves your food for longer. This Hotpoint model features Active Oxygen technology. This circulates pure air that prevents bad bacteria from contaminating your food and best of all, it’ll still taste great.

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Fresh Zone +

For an extra degree of control, some fridge freezers help create the perfect conditions for your food. Hotpoint’s FreshZone+ tech changes the humidity to make sure your favourite fruit and vegetables stay crisp, tasty and as fresh as the day you bought them.

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