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The future of watching TV – laptops, computers, tablets or TVs

Surely the best way to watch TV shows is on your television, right? Well, that might not be the case anymore. With new technology and clever devices arriving more often than your local bus, there are now loads of ways you can enjoy your favourite shows. Are the glory days over for the traditional living room television set?

A new way to watch

According to a recent survey, surprisingly, only 23% of people across the world said they prefer watching TV on an actual TV - pretty mind-blowing. These days, most of us get our television fix from a laptop, desktop computer or tablet. This is mostly down to a bunch of features that make it really quick and easy to watch whatever you like, whenever you like. There are more and more monitors with Ultra HD or HD screens for incredible pictures, the computers themselves are running faster than Usain Bolt so there’s minimal lagging and laptops and tablets are becoming increasingly lightweight and portable, so you can take shows and films with you.

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The TV keeps fighting

This isn’t the first time that our familiar TV sets have come under threat from other devices. In fact, it's been pretty constant for over a decade. The television has always pulled through and now more than ever, manufacturers are moving with the times to stay relevant. Most notably, streaming and internet services are becoming pretty much standard across new sets. There’s also a real focus on making the whole TV experience more user-friendly to battle against the convenience of your laptop, computer and even tablet. We reckon the trump card for the television is that homely experience of gathering round the big screen in the living room to take in your favourite show, the latest blockbuster film or the big match. A future-proof tradition that will make even the most stubborn 11 year-old put down their tablet and get involved.

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