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My DVD player won’t eject

If your DVD player won’t eject DVDs, you won’t be doomed to watch the same thing forever. Here are a few simple solutions to get that pesky disc out of the DVD player in our easy to follow guide.

Turn it off and on again

This may be an obvious one but turning your DVD player off and on again might get the disc tray to open. Giving your device a little reset like this can make sure it’s behaving like it’s supposed to. Once you’ve turned it back on, press the eject button on your DVD player to see if it’s working.

Use the manual eject feature

Most DVD players will have an option to force the DVD to eject. There is usually a small hole located around the DVD drawer. Make sure to unplug the device first and carefully insert something like a straightened paperclip or a safety pin into the hole. The drawer should open a little bit, gently pull the tray out all the way and take the DVD out.

Once you’ve done this, check for any problems with the disc. Sometimes if the DVD gets stuck, it can be because the disc is warped or the label is starting to come off. Try to use another disc in your DVD player and if it gets stuck again, it’s likely that the problem is with your device.

Contact the manufacturer

If you’re still having trouble, try checking the product manual. It’ll likely have more specific solutions for your model. If you can’t find it, or you still can’t fix the issue, try giving the manufacturer a call. They’ll be able to talk you through any further ideas. Check out the link below for a list of manufacturers’ numbers.