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How to set up your new laptop

Find out how to get your new Windows 10 laptop up and running.

Getting a new laptop is great. It’s super-fast, has that ‘new laptop smell’ and there’s all that oddly satisfying peel-off plastic. You probably want to put your own stamp on things, so we’ll show you how to perfectly set up your new Windows laptop.

Turning on your laptop for the first time

The first thing you do after turning your laptop on is to choose what colour you want your Windows theme to be. It's completely up to you, so pick whichever colour takes your fancy - may we suggest a nice bright green?

The next few screens cover your laptop's settings and the data you share with Microsoft. If everything sounds ok, click on Express settings to move on. You'll then be asked for your Microsoft account. Click on Create a new account if you don’t already have one and follow the steps here. You can use these details to log in to other Microsoft products like Skype, Office 365, OneDrive and also to buy apps, music, games and films.

Install new software

A major part of setting up your laptop is to make sure it's got all the software you're going to need. Whether you want a fresh new browser, a one stop shop for your work or something to listen to your jams on, we've got a guide with all the software you need.

Move over any important files

Leaving your old laptop behind doesn’t mean you have to ditch all your documents, photos and everything else too. It’s super easy to transfer your files over to a new laptop. Whether you want to do it using a USB device, an Ethernet cable or through a cloud storage service, it’ll only take you a few minutes. Luckily, we’ve got a how to guide that shows you how to handle it. Aren’t we good?

How to set up Windows Hello

If your new laptop has fancy facial recognition or fingerprint scanning technology, you can set up Windows Hello. This lets you log in to your accounts and make purchases in a flash. Sounds cool right? Here's how to get started:

  • Click the Windows icon in the bottom left corner and select Settings
  • From the menu, click Accounts and then go to Sign-in options on the left hand side
  • Follow the steps to set up Windows Hello on your laptop. If you want a bit more help, we've written a handy guide to show you what to do.

How to change your desktop background

This one is optional, but it really helps to make your new laptop your own. Here's how to change your laptop's background:

  • Right-click on your laptop's desktop and click on Personalize
  • To change the background image, select Background on the left-hand menu
  • Here, you can choose to use a solid colour, a single image of your own or a slideshow of pictures that you choose yourself.
  • If you picked Solid colour, select your favourite shade from the available options (again, may we suggest a nice green?)
  • If you chose Picture, you'll be asked to browse your laptop for the perfect image. Got a favourite film or city view? Show if off!
  • For Slideshow, you'll need to choose a folder of images from your laptop to use. Perfect for reliving those holiday memories!

All set! Now that you’ve started to put some personal touches on your laptop, you can go off and enjoy those endless cute cat videos while you’re trying to do some work.