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Top 4 products to get rid of stains and allergens

Read our helpful article to find out how you can remove grass stains and keep your allergies at bay this summer.

This summer, we want you to say goodbye to hay fever, embrace the grass stains and start playing in the mud. Our incredible range of washing machines, tumble dryers and more will keep your clothes fresh, clean and free from all those pesky allergens.

Summer stains sorted

We believe that every ketchup squirt and muddy puddle should be embraced during summer, so we offer a huge range of washing machines that’ll sort out those tough stains. This washing machine from Miele features a Stain Action option. This gets rid of up to 23 stubborn stains – including red wine and grass – by adapting the temperature, spin speed and drum movements to perfectly suit the load. So no matter what stain you’re faced with, you’ll always come out on top.

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Say goodbye to sniffles

Summer sniffles can be really miserable. All that extra pollen floating around, pollution and heat will aggravate your hay fever and allergies. Did you know that when you step outside, your clothes can pick up microbes of pollen, dust and dirt? This then follows you around, irritating your skin and causing allergies to flare up. This Bosch washer dryer has an Allergy+ programme, which banishes up to 99.9% of allergens, including pollen and dust mites. Not only will clothes feel great on your family’s delicate skin, but you won’t be sneezing your way through summer!

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Ban the allergens for good

Once you’ve washed your clothes on an anti-allergy cycle in a washing machine, there’s no point hanging it to dry outside where it can pick up more pollen and allergens. Tumble dryers with an anti-allergy setting are perfect for making sure that there’s nothing nasty sticking around on your fresh laundry. This Miele heat pump tumble dryer is ideal if you or your family has sensitive skin. It works by using really hot temperatures to remove allergens, whilst still looking after your clothes. And because the hot air is recycled with heat pump technology, this model is really energy efficient.

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Let's clear the air

Hay fever and other allergies can cause a lot of problems for us in the summer. Air purifiers, like the Dyson Pure Cool Link, take care of 99.95% of allergens and help with asthma symptoms, as they improve the air you and your family breathe in. You won’t even have to worry about those warm, restless nights. This model has a super quiet Night Mode and doubles as a cooling fan – so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting your beauty sleep.

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