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Top 7 products for a healthy summer

We’ve picked out our top products that’ll keep you happy and healthy this summer.

Whether you’re making delicious smoothies to help you get healthy for summer, or you’re pausing the diet to indulge in ice cream during a heatwave, we’ve got everything you need to make your favourite dishes. From blenders to health grills and ice cream makers, here are our top 7 products that’ll help you stay healthy this summer.

Juice your way to 5-a-day

Great for gym bunnies, or those on a health kick, juicers are a brilliant way to pack in more of your 5-a-day. With special features that’ll get juice to the ideal consistency, you can enjoy the perfect passionfruit number, or a more citrusy drink, in no time at all. Some models, like this Smeg one, can squeeze out even more flavours and nutrients from your ingredients. So, when the sun finally shows its face, you’ll be super-refreshed while you’re enjoying the heat.

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Blend up a storm

If you’re looking for something that’ll make more than just a drink, a blender could be your perfect cooking companion. Why not have a go at making your own peanut butter or a delicious salad dressing? Like this Kenwood model, blenders often come with tons of different accessories so you can make a tasty batch of soup or whipped cream as a treat to go with dessert. You’ll truly be the star of the show, turning up to a barbecue with scrumptious side salads and a moreish meringue.

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A health grill for that health kick

When it comes to making dinner, it’s not always easy to cut down on the calories. But with a health grill, it’ll be quicker and easier than ever to create those nutritious dishes that’ll help you get beach-ready this summer. They’re cleverly designed so fat will run straight away from the meat, and the hinges often open extra-wide to help you cook thicker cuts. Some models, like this George Foreman one, can even be transformed into a barbecue, letting you enjoy those tasty marinated meats the healthy way.

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Mini hobs for those not-so-mini meals

From frying bacon to boiling eggs and flipping pancakes, mini hobs can do it all - whether you're sticking to that diet or indulging in a cheat day. Either way, they're great for getting a bit of extra cooking space when everything's chaotic in the kitchen. They're portable too, like this Tefal model. So, they're amazing for bringing to festivals and on camping trips this summer - you can enjoy the full outdoors experience with the bonus of a cooked breakfast and cup of tea.

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Indulge in a little ice cream

On those extra-hot days – as rare as they might be – there’s nothing quite like a delicious bowl of ice cream. So, take a break from the diet and indulge a little. At least if you make it yourself, you know exactly what’s in it, right? Just jam pack it full of fruit, and you’re bound to get at least one of your 5-a-day! Like this Cuisinart model, there’s plenty of room to make enough for the whole family. Or, you could get an attachment for your food mixer instead, like this KitchenAid one. Either way, there’ll be plenty to go round – or just keep it for yourself if it’s too good to share.

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Make the most of a smokin' hot summer

Perfect for sunny garden parties and barbecues, smoking guns help you create those delicious smoky flavours from the comfort of your own kitchen – you’ll know exactly what’s going into your food and you’ll feel like a pro while you’re making it. This Sage model uses cold smoke to infuse applewood and hickory flavours into meat, cheese, cocktails, butter, popcorn… You name it! So, you won’t have to drench your food in sugary sauces to get tasty flavours into your summery snacks.

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Slow cook your way through summer

Not only do slow cookers make hearty stews and soups for winter, but they’re great for summer dishes too. Think rich pulled pork to top off your burger when you dig out the barbecue. Or, a succulent chicken dish packed with Mediterranean flavours. And maybe even a tasty vegetarian meal bursting with summery ingredients. The possibilities are endless! Like this Morphy Richards model, many slow cookers have a choice of heat settings to suit what you’re making and how long it needs to cook for. So the meat’s guaranteed to fall off the bone, and your flavourful veg will be perfectly tender.

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