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Top 6 products to save a rainy BBQ

Don’t let the weather bring you down. Pull off an indoor BBQ with our guide.

We all know just how unreliable the Great British weather can be. You can go from frying burgers in the sun to zipping up your anorak in the blink of an eye. Fear not – your garden parties will never be rained off again! We’ve chosen 6 of our top products for bringing the BBQ into the dry comfort of your kitchen.

Fry in a flash

If you’re in the middle of frying up something tasty when the weather turns, the last thing you want is for your food to go cold. Because induction hobs, like this model from AEG, take so little time to heat up, you can move from BBQ to kitchen in a flash, making sure your food stays hot. The technology works by using magnets to heat the bottom of your pan directly. This means your burgers and steaks will be fried up efficiently, safely and quickly. So your guests won’t have to wait around to fill their faces!

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Extra grill space

If your street party gets rained off, you might find yourself running out of space in your oven pretty quickly. This is where a combination microwave can really come in handy. These models feature a grill function, so you can pop your sausages or corn on the cob inside and have them crisped up and ready to serve in no time. Some combination microwaves even offer you the option to fry up your wedges and chips using just a drop of oil, so your food ditches unnecessary fat but holds on to moisture and flavour.

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Delicious, healthy dishes

For deliciously crunchy veggies and moist pulled pork that falls apart, steam ovens are the way forward. Your food gets a nice little injection of steam while it cooks, which means you keep all the moisture and flavour. Steam keeps vital nutrients locked in, so your food will be healthier too. Cooking with steam is so versatile, you can use it to make anything from veggie kebabs and chicken wings to perfectly risen bread buns for your burgers. This Neff oven also features automatic programmes, so you can get your food in the oven and leave it to cook whilst you mingle with your party guests.

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Sizzling indoor grills

If it’s the sizzle of a sausage on your BBQ that you really love, a health grill is the closest you’ll get to replicating this in your kitchen. This George Foreman Entertaining Grill even features a pull out griddle, so if you find yourself cooking for a whole houseful, you’ve got plenty of extra room to cook for up to ten guests. Because health grills are non-stick, you don’t need to use high calorie cooking oils, whilst any excess fat from your food will drain off into the drip tray. So you’re left with perfectly cooked, delicious food – without the guilt!

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Make clean-up a piece of cake

We’ve all experienced how tough it can be scrubbing those burnt on bits of food off your BBQ, and it can take a lot of elbow grease to get it sparkling again. With an oven that cleans itself, you don’t need to worry about it. This Hotpoint oven features a pyrolytic cleaning function, which heats up the cavity of the oven to around 500 degrees. This burns off grease stains and debris, leaving you with a little bit of ash that’ll just need a quick wipe. So no matter how much your burgers and sausage spit under the grill, cleaning up will be a breeze.

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Fresh summery drinks on tap

So the BBQ has been salvaged and the food is looking and smelling delicious. Now let’s focus on some drinks. This Sage juicer – aptly called The Big Squeeze – can juice whole fruits in one go so you get every drop of goodness. Juicers are perfect for making healthy summery drinks the whole family can enjoy. And if you fancy something a touch more sophisticated, no one will judge if you want to make yourself a Bloody Mary…

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