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    Gifts for the Coffee Connoisseur

    Know someone that lives and breathes coffee, but don’t know the best place to start when it comes to finding the right machine? Luckily, we’re here to spill the beans on all the best gifts to make the Christmas rush a walk in the park.

    Shop our favourite for barista-style coffee

    Sage The Barista Touch SES880BSS Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Stainless Steel / Chrome

    Come Christmas morning, they’ll be like a kid in a candy shop using this bean to cup machine. With all the cool tech that you’d find at the local café, their New Year’s resolution will be to perfect their skills to become the baddest barista in town.

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    If that's not enough to sway you...

    Personalised to the tastebuds

    Using the touch display, they can change up the strength of the coffee, amount of froth, and temperature to serve up a cup just the way they like it. And they can even save their drinks with their preferred settings, meaning each time they brew up, it’ll be just as good as the last.

    On-screen tutorials

    When they’re still learning the ropes, on-screen tutorials will walk them through how to make the creamiest mochas and thick cappuccinos – before they know it, they’ll be as good as the pros.

    Micro-Foam Milk Texturing

    The crema is the star on top of the perfect coffee. The automatic steam wand froths up the milk to help them add that finishing touch or get creative with some stunning latte art that’ll take their Instagram feed to the next level.

    ThermoJet heating system

    Ideal for when the work routine is back in full swing, this handy feature heats the water to just the right temperature in 3 seconds. When they’re running late, they’ll still have time to pour this into a flask and get their morning dose of caffeine.

    The espresso machine with it all

    Sage The Barista Express BES875UK Espresso Coffee Machine with Integrated Burr Grinder - Brushed Steel

    A great gift for those that get out of the wrong side of bed every morning. This Espresso machine will give their coffee a kick to turn that resting grinch face upside down. Holding the key to the best cup, this uses just the right amount of pressure to get all the flavour out of the beans.

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    But what about all its features?

    Cup warmer

    The cup warmer will keep up to 6 mugs toasty at once. This is ideal if they’ve got friends over, as it’ll stop the lattes from going cold while they get a selection of gingerbread and fruitcake together.

    PID temperature control

    With this clever tech, the water will always stay at just the right temperature to roast the beans, bringing out all the flavours in the blends to indulge the tastebuds. Whether they’re taking the first sip of the morning or needing their hit to get through the afternoon slump, this will always make it one to enjoy.

    Built-in Burr grinder

    When spooning out coffee, it’s easy to go OTT, sending their mood from Scrooge to Buddy the elf real quick. By automatically measuring out the exact amount of coffee needed, this grinder will give them a helping hand, so they’re left filled with the right amount of festive cheer.

    Removeable water tank

    With a removable water tank, no one will be standing on their tip toes to reach over and refill this machine. Instead, they can just pull it out and fill it up in the sink – easy!

    Top of the pods

    Tassimo by Bosch Vivy 2 TAS1402GB Pod Coffee Machine - Black

    Not everyone wants all the faff that comes with a top spec machine. By following just a few simple steps, this pod model will brew up faster than the After Eights disappear from the coffee table.

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    Features that are off the charts...

    Loads of flavours to choose from

    Shopping for someone that’s always got an adventurous Costa order? From a Chai latte to a cheeky Bailey’s Macchiato, this will let them bring a whole host of flavours into their home.

    Single-serve system

    This clever tech makes sure no flavours transfer from one cup to another. This is great when they’re making a cappuccino right after hot chocolates for the kids, as no one will be able to taste another drink in theirs.

    Adjustable cup stand

    By changing the height of the stand, they’ll be able to fill up different sized cups without a problem. From their favourite ‘Best Mummy’ mug to a flask in the morning, this will work with them all.

    INTELLIBREW™ technology

    This machine works out the ideal time, temperature, and how much water is needed to create the crème de la crème of coffees. So, when a run in the blistering weather has left them looking like Rudolph, they can look forward to a warm bath with their favourite blend.

    A bean to cup machine with a difference

    De'Longhi Dinamica ECAM370.85.SB Wifi Connected Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Silver / Black

    Not just an ordinary bean to cup machine, this model has a techie twist that’ll make mornings so much easier. Turning beans into that golden goodness we all know and love, Santa will be making a pass for the Sherry and trying this out himself.

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    Check out all its tech...

    Room for two

    Ideal for couples, this can pour two drinks at once. This means it’ll take half the time to brew up, so they won’t have to leave the warmth of the blankets and fire for long.

    Coffee Link app

    A life saving feature for the fussy drinkers among us, the Coffee Link app connects to the machine, letting them change up recipes to how they like them, and save all their favourites. This way, they won’t have to mess around creating their awkward order each time.

    Tubeless system

    After a heavy New Year’s Eve, they’ll need their drink at its freshest to give them that kick out of bed. After each use, the system is designed to leave very few beans in the grinder, so each espresso will be brewed from newly ground coffee.

    Integrated clean function

    With the importance of scrubbing and disinfecting all your surfaces this year, it would be nice if we could all have a break from cleaning from time to time. A domestic God, this sterilises and cleans itself with hot water and steam, giving them time back to relax with a film and cheeseboard.

    A stylish model that sleighs

    Jura E6 15350 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Piano Black

    With this stylish coffee machine, they can give 2021 the extra warm welcome it deserves. The modern design will not only look good in any kitchen, but it’s also easy to wipe away any mucky fingerprints.

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    Brains and beauty...

    11 coffees at the touch of a button

    With a range of drinks at their fingertips, they’ll be able to sip on an espresso doppio or take a big warm gulp of a cappuccino. When they’re hosting a night in with their friends, which film to pick won’t be the only decision they have to make.

    Gets the best out of the beans

    Cappuccinos will smell just as good as they taste thanks to the clever tech. By pulsing the beans for just the right amount of time, and heating the water to the perfect temperature, even the smallest drinks will be filled with aroma and flavours.

    Drip tray

    This drip tray will keep on top of spills. Once they pull away their cup, if the machine lets out the odd drip it’ll be caught in the tray. This way, they can jump straight back on the sofa without any mess on their mind.

    Display and controls

    The clear screen lets them flick through the menu, while the controls help choose their preferred drink. So, even when they’re half asleep, they’ll have no excuse for mistaking a latte with a lungo.

    Fresh coffee from their countertop

    Melitta Caffeo Solo & Perfect Milk 6679163 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Black

    If you’ve got a friend with Starbucks as their second home but no machine on their worktop, this is the perfect gift to fill the hole in their heart. Not only will they be able to sip top-quality coffee without braving the cold, but all the money they’d usually spend can stay tucked away in their bank account.

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    Why this model?

    Cappuccinatore feature

    From froth to warm milk, this dial lets them change up how they add the finishing touch to their coffee. Whether it’s a velvety cappuccino or white americano, they can create the right amount of crema to suit them.

    Cup warmer

    From cleaning away pots to getting gripped by a good part of a film, it’s so easy to get side-tracked. When this happens while they’re brewing up, the cup warmer will keep the drink hot so it doesn’t go to waste.

    Compact design

    Although it’s full of tech, this slimline model won’t take up much room in the kitchen. This is ideal if you’re looking for someone who doesn’t like a lot of clutter, as this will keep the heart of their home looking neat and tidy.

    Easy to clean

    As well as flagging when it needs cleaning or descaling, the whole unit can also be removed, making it really easy to wipe down. So, they won’t have to waste time getting into annoying corners, leaving them to get back to spending some quality time with the chocolate in their stocking.