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    Gifts for the Film Fanatic

    Shopping for a movie lover with a TV at the top of their list, but you don’t know the difference between HD and HDMI? Well as Santa’s little helpers, we’ve broken down all the tech on the latest and greatest models, to help make their Christmas wish come true – and your life a whole lot easier.

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    Samsung UE55TU8500 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV With Dynamic Crystal Colour, Dual LED and Adaptive Sound

    Packed with all the features a TV could possibly need, this is the perfect gift for anyone who’s movie mad in your life. Whether they’re a Netflix binger or into the old school cowboy films, you won’t find a better TV for under their tree.

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    What makes this our festive favourite?

    Crystal 4K processor

    Classics deserve to be enjoyed in just the same detail as all the latest blockbusters. That’s why this TV’s Crystal 4K processor gives gems from the 50s and 60s some extra TLC, making them look just as good as the most recent hits.

    Dual LED

    Dual LED tech will let them enjoy every movie the way it’s meant to be watched. When they snuggle up to watch a film after the Christmas dinner feast, all the magic will be brought to life by bright and vibrant colours.

    Adaptive sound

    It’s not just about the picture, as this TV also tweaks its sound settings to what’s on the screen. So, if they watch a dialogue-heavy Robin Williams comedy straight after a Tom Cruise action film, they’ll get the same immersive experience in both.

    Boundless design

    With ultra-thin bezels, this TV is all about the screen. The minimalistic design will look amazing whether it’s on or off, adding to the overall sleek feel of any room.

    Get a slice of the action

    Samsung UE50TU7100 50" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV With HDR10+ and Crystal Processor 4K

    The perfect TV for those who have their hands in all the (mince) pies, this has different features to help it adapt to whatever they’re watching. So, if their love of films is just as big as their passion for games or sports, they’ll really make use of this TV’s features.

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    Check out all its tech

    Flexible picture and sound

    When they’re flicking through the channels, the clever processor will tweak the settings to match what they’re watching. It’s perfect if they split their time between boxset bingeing and supporting their home team, as this lets them watch both at their best.

    Game Enhancer

    If they like to create their own action, Game Enhancer optimises the screen to make sure it responds to every movement instantly, without any blurring or lag. So they’ll be able to focus on topping the leaderboards, without worrying about their screen letting them down.

    Clean cable solution

    When consoles or soundbars are added into the mix, it’s very easy for all the cables to get tangled. Samsung’s clean cable solution tucks it all away under the base of the TV, keeping the room free of ugly wires and distractions.

    One Remote

    It’s not a shock to see a bunch of remotes on a coffee table. One Remote means your entertainment junkie can ditch all of them, since this controls their Blu-ray player and soundbar as well as the TV, saving them from having to look for the right one each time.

    The curved beauty

    Samsung UE49RU7300 49" Curved Smart 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR10+, Apple TV App and Slim Design

    A curved TV is the perfect upgrade for your movie buff’s room. The design makes it easier to take in more of the screen at once, letting them see every detail at any moment. So, when they’re watching back their all-time faves, they’ll notice little things they never did before.

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    And that's not everything...


    From a big chase to wild nights out, all the action will be crystal clear on this breath-taking 4K display. This means when they’re gripped in the big moments, they’ll be able to see every single detail.


    They’ll feel like they’re truly in and amongst the action thanks to HDR10+. By creating vibrant colours, and deeper contrasts between light and dark shades, this tech brings everything to life on the screen.

    Slim design

    Wave goodbye to big clunky boxes with this TV’s slim design. Far from an eyesore, this will take pride of place in any room, as it looks fab from every angle. So fab that they’ll find themselves staring at it even when it’s off.

    Universal guide

    The clever guide will do all the searching through channels for them. It learns what they enjoy watching and will pop up with suggestions of what it thinks they’ll like, giving them time back to grab the Quality Streets and get sucked into something new.

    Get the full cinematic experience

    LG 50UN81006LB 50" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR, Ultra Surround and Filmmaker Mode

    Packed with all the best screen and sound tech, with this TV they can go to the cinema without stepping out their door (or paying over the odds). Now you just need to decide who’s buying the popcorn machine.

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    But what about all its other tech?

    Quad core processor 4K

    The big screen will be more detailed and colourful than ever before with the Quad core 4K processor. By sharpening up the picture and giving the oldies a little facelift, it won’t matter whether they choose to stick on Indiana Jones or The Greatest Showman, as anything will look stunning.

    Ultra Surround

    Ultra Surround tech will throw them head-first into all their favourite films. Creating flawless surround sound, this will wrap them up in every high and low, making them feel like they’re really on the hunt for a relic, or in and amongst the circus.

    Filmmaker mode

    Filmmaker mode brings Hollywood into their home. When turned on, this clever tech removes any motion smoothing that can sometimes get rid of little details in the picture, so they can watch blockbusters the way the director intended.

    Streaming services

    Samsung has a huge range of Smart TV apps, including Apple TV and Disney+. Perfect for weekends when Jack Frost’s nipping at their nose, they can cosy up with a wide choice of festive films.

    See everything from every angle

    LG 43UN71006LB 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR, Google Assistant and Alexa Compatibility

    With some of the most modern tech, this TV will have them set for Christmases to come. It has a wider viewing angle, which means films will look great from any spot in the room. So, they won’t have to give up their favourite seat in the house for Grandad.

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    It's overflowing with all this top tech too...

    Bluetooth Surround

    Whether they’re watching the Olympics or the Euros, Bluetooth Surround tech will have them feeling like they’re cheering from the crowds. By wirelessly connecting to two of the same LG speakers, this creates a surround sound experience that’ll wrap them up in the atmosphere.

    Catch up TV

    With loads of catch-up TV apps, they’ll never miss any of their favourite shows. When the premier of a latest smash hit clashes with the big game of the season, they can watch one live and look forward to watching the other whenever they’re ready.

    Compatible with Voice Assistant speakers

    Working with their current Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant speaker, this lets them change the channel or turn up the volume using their voice. So, when they’re too stuffed to find the remote after eating one (or five) too many pigs in blankets, they can just ask the TV to do it for them.

    Thin Q AI

    The voice assistant doesn’t just stop at controlling the TV, it can manage everything around the house too. The Thin Q AI feature makes the TV the hub of the home, controlling any smart tech, like security cameras and the fridge freezer, meaning they can sneak a peek at Santa, or check what they need from the shop.