Food allergies can be a real challenge, requiring extra vigilance and often meaning having to be creative when it comes to cooking.

The ten allergens featured here are found commonly in pre-packaged goods, even in ones you wouldn’t expect – soya turns up in all sorts of unexpected places as an emulsifier, for example.

The presence of a known allergen, even in minute amounts, should always be clearly stated on the ingredients labels of pre-packaged items by law. If you can’’t see a proper ingredients list, it’’s safest to avoid the product or contact the retailer or manufacturer for clarification.

With all of these substitution ideas, do of course bear in mind that many people with food allergies and intolerances may have sensitivities to more than one food type, so do check before going ahead, always read labels carefully and always check with a doctor if in any doubt.



So that’’s a round up of some ideas for alternatives to common allergens in cooking.

What substitutions do you use? And what’’s your favourite ‘free from’ recipe?


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By Emily Leary on 24.04.15

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