We had a really fun day down in Gloucestershire, where we met up with food artist and cupcake decorating extraordinaire, Prudance Staite. We set to work helping her to create a pretty amazing piece of cupcake art!


Cupcake Portrait 1 resized


Cupcake Portrait 3 Resized


Cupcake Portrait 30 Resized

We also brought along a couple of bloggers to get involved in our crazy cupcake creation including Kat from The Baking Explorer and Sus from Rough Measures.

Cupcake Portrait 7 Resized


Cupcake Portrait 19 Resized

We had a go at recreating a popular celebrity who’s a big fan of his pies and puds, can you guess who?

Watch the video below to find out…

Image sources: Carole Poirot


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Amy Marsden

By Amy Marsden on 06.10.15

Guest Contributor

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