The team recently had the pleasure of attending an LG event that was hosted in partnership with Honestly Healthy’’s Natasha Corrett. The event, which was to celebrate the launch of LG’’s new range of four door refrigerators, managaed to convert the #aocooks team to the flavour sensations of a fresh, alkaline-focused eating plan.

Honestly Healthy

For the early start, Natasha whipped up a host of delightful alkaline breakfast treats, kicking things off with a green breakfast smoothie, which she explained is a great way of packing copious amounts of fibre rich nutrition into your diet.

Natasha told us “Green smoothies are a fantastic way to start your day – “I often have a really big glass or two for breakfast. They’re also brilliant if you know you have a really early start in the morning; I tend to prep all of the ingredients the night before and put them whole into the blender and then into the fridge.”

““When I wake up in the morning, I just blitz away and head out the door. Staying healthy is so much easier when you think ahead and have little tricks like this up your sleeve. I always try and fill my smoothies with as many greens as possible for maximum alkalinity and nutritional benefit.””

Not being massive fans of green liquid veg, the #aocooks team was a tad dubious when it came to trying out the juice, which comprised 70% greens and 30% fruit, but actually really liked it.

Try it for yourself…

Natasha then went on to explain to us the amazing health benefits of her Bircher muesli recipe. It provides slow releasing energy, in turn helping to stabilise blood sugar levels, meaning less naughty cravings. It’’s also supposed to be fantastic for reducing inflammation and flattening tummies because of the amount of cinnamon used.

Bircher Musiel low res

According to Natasha: ““Bircher muesli is a fantastic prepare-ahead breakfast. I often make up a big batch of this recipe on a Sunday night to last for a couple of days. Oats release their energy slowly and this helps to stabilise your blood sugar levels meaning no naughty mid-morning sweet treat snack cravings. By soaking the seeds in this recipe with the oats, you are activating them so that the full power of their nutritional value is unlocked, making this a super healthy start to the day.””

Have a look at the recipe here…

To round things off, we then chowed down on some gorgeous raw hemp fridge bars. These super-tasty and incredibly filing snacks are packed with plant based protein and offer an essential dose of fatty acids for glowing skin, strong teeth and shiny hair.

Raw Hemp Fridge Bars

These snacks are quick and easy to make and great for everyone: even kids love them, too. Natasha keeps these in the fridge and eats them as an on-the-go breakfast, or as an afternoon snack.

Fancy making them? Click for the recipe…

Throughout the session Natasha, who is a gourmet vegetarian chef and leader in the world of alkaline cooking, highlighted the importance of having the freshest ingredients, in order to ensure that you get as much nutrition as possible out of the food you make.

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