Christmas is around the corner and preparations are in full swing. We know that cooking the Christmas dinner is a big event in any household, but in the run up, it’’s often difficult to find the time to plan and prepare. Well, we’ve made it super easy for you to take control of the day and still have the chance to enjoy your time with family and friends.

We’ve compiled a shopping list with everything you need to buy, as well as step by step instructions with timings for the big day.

You can even download the checklists to print out. We’ve timed it for Christmas dinner to be served at 2pm but if you want to serve at another time, then adjust the timings accordingly.

Ready to get started?


Want to print these out? We’ve made that simple as well. Click here to download.


We've got Christmas All Wrapped Up

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By Kimberly Duran on 11.12.17

Guest Contributor

2 responses to “Ultimate Christmas Dinner Checklist (with Printables)”

  1. Pete says:

    But what about the parsnips and carrots they’ve been forgotten in the timings list???

  2. Kimberly Duran says:

    See the text under 1:30pm! ;) They are in there! Happy Christmas!

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