Do you struggle to organise your fridge? If so, you are not alone. A recent study we conducted found that two thirds of the UK population struggle to organise the contents of their fridge and three quarters end up throwing food out every week because it gets forgotten about or put to the back of the fridge.

This means the average household throws out £5.10 worth of food, on average, over the course of seven days. We discovered that more than a third of people clean their fridge fewer than five times a year!


“Fridges might allow us to store food safely for longer, but they’re also renowned for accumulating junk: mouldy jars of half eaten sauces; out of date food and wilted vegetables.  Feng shui, the Chinese art of creating environmental balance, sees this as negative energy or sha chi. 

“The kitchen, where most fridges live, symbolises the heart of the home.  This is where we receive our nourishment, the root of our good health.  So, if we want vibrant health it is important to give some attention to our fridges to cultivate the positive energy, the sheng chi, which symbolises our health and prosperity.” Feng Shui expert, Davina MacKail

So we decided to comission feng shui expert, Davina MacKail, to provide some ‘Fridge Shiu’ top tips to bring balance and organisation to people’s fridges, helping them waste less food, save money and ultimately make life easier.


Davina’s advice for a balanced, organised fridge is:

How to stack your fridge

How to stack your fridge correctly

Store veggies in the drawers at the bottom, raw meet and fish on the bottom shelves – separate to other items, dairy products (including milk) on the middle shelves and cooked meats and leftovers on your top shelf.

Your door shelves are perfect for foods with preservatives – i.e jams.


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How to Feng Shui your Fridge
Article Name
How to Feng Shui your Fridge
Need some more organisation in your kitchen? We're showing you how to feng shui your fridge to help you waste less food, save money and make life easier!

Amy Marsden

By Amy Marsden on 31.08.20

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