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Weird and Wonderful Vegetables

Hardly any of the food we enjoy in the UK comes from truly local sources. With more and more of us now travelling abroad and sampling the culinary delights of different countries, we have discovered many unusual foods that we want to enjoy at home. Foods such as celeriac, fennel and kohlrabi. has put together this useful graphic to help you enjoy a variety of weird and wonderful vegetables from around the world; to make your plates more adventurous and tantalise your taste buds with colourful, vitamin-rich vegetables.

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Kitchen appliances

The right tool for the job

Kitchen Appliances

It's imperative to have the right tools to prepare and cook your vegetables to maintain the nutrients and vitamins they hold. From soup makers to steamers, juicers and food processors, has every appliance you could wish for, to help you turn a recipe into a culinary triumph!