I like Christmas and the pre-Christmas time to be quite personalised. That means that as many little things as possible will be homemade, cooked and baked. I remember having Christmas plates when I was a child which had some chocolates, nuts and clementines on them.

They were, however, paper ones and had traditional Christmas scenes and motifs on them.

As I also like to have chocolates ready for whenever I might have guests, I figured that Christmas themed plates to present them on would be just the right thing.

Paper ones wouldn’t be much fun though and I believe that it’s nice to have some items that can be bought out again year after year and that might one day be fondly remembered by children… So here’s what I came up with – I hope you like it!


here's what you'll need...

  • Plain white plates or bowls, any size you like
  • Last year’s left over wrapping paper or new paper (the thinner ones work best)
  • Découpage medium, available from art shops
  • Clear varnishing spray (I chose matt to give the plates a “pottery” and homely feel)
  • Scissors or small découpage scissors if you have them
  • A paint brush
  • Old jar lid for the découpage medium

Decoupage Xmas Plates Materials

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Decoupage Xmas Plates Post 1



Decoupage Xmas Plates Post 7



Decoupage Xmas Plates Post 3

here's how it's done...

  • 1

    Firstly, cut out all the shapes and motifs you want to use from your wrapping paper.

    Decoupage Xmas Plates Step 2

  • 2

    Choose a plate, decide which shapes to use and, using the brush, apply some of the découpage medium to the plate roughly in the size of the shape.

    Decoupage Xmas Plates Step 3

  • 3

    Apply your cutout shape to the plate.  Paint a little more of the découpage medium over the shape to seal it.

    Decoupage Xmas Plates Step 4

  • 4

    Repeat with the other shapes you cut out earlier. Now, you don’t always have to use all of one motif. On one of the plates, I have used half of one shape applied to the edge of the plate.

    Decoupage Xmas Plates Step 6


  • 5

    Once you’ve applied all the shapes, use a damp cloth to carefully wipe off any excess medium. Leave to dry for about an hour and then apply a thin layer of clear varnish and leave to dry.

    Decoupage Xmas Plates Step 7

  • 6

    That’s all! Now you have your own, personalised Christmas plates to present sweets, nuts and fruit on.*

    Decoupage Xmas Plates Post 4

    (*Please note, these plates are not made for actual food consumption, they are for decorative and presentation purposes only.)

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By Carole Poirot on 03.12.13

Guest Contributor

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