If you love creating a bit of spooky fun for the kids and ‘trick or treaters’ at Halloween, but are sick of the typical orange and black colour scheme that is associated with it, then you might just love these quirky little treat pouches!

I used historical natural history images downloaded from the Biodiversity Heritage Library. These images come under a creative commons copyright licence, which means it is fine to use them for personal use. It really is quite an amazing resource, not only for this project!

The project involves printing from your computer onto cotton fabric, which is apparently new to the UK craft market, so very exciting!


here's what you'll need...

  • Printable cotton inkjet sheets (order online)
  • Digital image files (download below) from the Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • Brown printable inkjet paper (available from Paperchase)
  • Our labels template 
  • Mini pegs
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Scissors (some for cutting paper & some for cutting fabric)
  • Twine, string or ribbon
  • Free Printables, click to download


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here's how it's done...

  • 1

    Use the templates to print off the designs for the bags onto the cotton inkjet sheets, or create your own.
    Leave the ink to dry on the cotton fabric for around 1 hour, then cut along the dotted lines and peel off the backing paper.


  • 2

    Fold the top and bottom raw edges inwards to create a hem at each end and stitch.


  • 3

    Fold the fabric in half with the image facing in, so the front and the back of the pouch are facing.


  • 4

    Stitch the two sides of the pouch up and turn it the right way out.


  • 5

    With your needle and thread create 2 loops near the top of your pouch, one on each side, approx 1cm from the top opening of the pouch. (This stage is optional, as you can just tie your string around the top, but this just keeps the string attached when the pouch is opened).


  • 6

    Thread a length of twine, string or ribbon through the loops and tie in a bow.


  • 7

    Print off the label template onto your brown inkjet paper and cut out around the dotted lines on each label.


  • 8

    Using your mini pegs, clip a corresponding label onto the twine on each pouch and fill with Halloween treats!


    These bags don’’t just have to be for kids, they are stylish enough to make for an adult’s Halloween party too! The sweets I used here were from Marks and Spencer, –a bumper pack called Gruesome Body Parts, –10 mini bags of jellies, which were individually wrapped and fitted perfectly into the pouches!

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By Caroline Rowland on 15.10.13

Guest Contributor

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  1. drey says:

    how big was the printable cotton paper size and what size did your bags end up being?

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