In the run up to Christmas I often find myself pottering around home shops on a quest to find beautiful bits of decoration. As I live in an 18th century cottage, I am fortunate enough to have large fire places in most of my rooms, which gives me a wonderful excuse to fill them with beautiful crafts.

This year I saw some ‘NOEL’ letters in one of the high street stores for £24.99. They were simple, elegant and glittery gold. I thought they would look great in front of the fire, but on reflection, I simply couldn’t justify the price, as I’d only be able to use them for a few weeks a year. So, I decided to make my own, for a fraction of the cost.

I chose ‘N-O-E-L’ but obviously you can choose whatever letters you like – MERRY or PEACE or CHRISTMAS or LET IT SNOW would all work, And, while I went with a gold glitter spray, you can easily use red, green or any Christmas colour you like.


here's what you'll need...

  • Cardboard letters from any hobby or craft store
  • Craft Glitter Spray Paint
  • Old newspaper or magazines to protect your work surface


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here's how it's done...

  • 1

    Lay out your scrap paper on a flat surface. Ideally you should do this outdoors to ensure that the glitter spray is done away from any furniture or flooring that could potentially get messy.

    Place one of the letters flat in the centre of the scrap paper. Make sure there is enough paper to prevent any excess glitter marking your floor.

    Shake your glittery spray before use for at least one full minute and hold it at least 10cm’s away from your letter. Work in fast up and down movements trying to ensure you don’’t spray any section for too long. Spray every exposed section that you can see.


  • 2

    When the letters are fully covered by the glitter spray they will appear to look wet and glossy. Leave all the letters for at least 1 hour before touching them.


  • 3

    Once the letters are touch dry, stand them up and spray the side of that the letters that have yet to be sprayed, ensuring your letters have been fully covered by the gold glitter spray.


  • 4

    Finally leave your letters for two hours to dry. Don’’t be tempted to touch the letters before the two hours is up as this can leave marks of them. Once the letters are fully dry they’re ready to be placed in the perfect spot, whether this is under the tree, on the window ledge or in front of your lovely winter fire.

    Christmas decor NOEL letters


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By Laura Pickup on 09.12.14

Guest Contributor

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    Thanks so much for some lovely ideas!

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