Last year, our social feeds were flooded with the ‘Hygge’ hashtag. From your homes to what you were wearing, the Danish word was slotted in everywhere. Hygge is pretty much the art of staying cosy. Read more about Hygge here.

So what is Lagom? Well firstly, it’s a lot easier to pronounce (‘La’ like ‘bar’, and ‘gom’ like ‘prom’)

Translated it pretty much means ‘just the right amount’. It’s about creating balance in your life. So, not too little, not too much but something Goldilocks would be proud of.

Simply put, it’s about recycling, reducing waste, saving money and clean living. Although this may not seem fun at first glance, bear with us. Lagom may be just what you need for a happier, healthier and stress free you.

If you’re wondering how you can bring this trend into your life, we’re here to break it down.


Organise your fridge


If you’re the kind of person to get home from work, check your fridge and find that you have nothing to eat, don’t become a daily slave to your local pizza place.

Do your weekly shop, plan your meals for the week and prepare them in advance. You’ll be surprised how much money you save and how much healthier it’ll be for your body.


Organise your finances


If you’re the kind of person that has a constant fear of checking your bank balance, this ones for you. This is the year to get your finances in order. Living in fear of checking your statement can actually be more detrimental than you think. Did you get paid correctly last month? Are you a victim of credit card fraud? Are you still paying your ex’s Netflix subscription? Download apps like Goodbudget and OnTrees to organise your spending and make sure you’re always on track with your money. This trend is less about treating yourself and more about being sensible with your cash. Save your money for the bigger and more important things in life.


Be more energy efficient3

With the weather being ice cold outside, this one may be tougher than the rest. But they say small holes sink big ships so it’s time to start paying attention. Put away those bath bombs and choose your shower over that bubble bath.  Use your tumble dryer less, don’t leave all your lights on, don’t leave the tap running while you brush your teeth…

You know, all the stuff your parents taught you when you were younger? You’ll notice the difference in your next energy bill, trust us.


Create a work-life balance


We all want to work hard and do well but not giving yourself that downtime can be harmful. Don’t eat your lunch at your desk, go grab lunch with a friend instead. Don’t check your emails from home, they will still be there in the morning and no one expects replies after 5pm. Don’t speak about work on your breaks, relax and create a balance. You’ll find yourself less overworked, more stress free and a happier person overall.


Accept that your life is good enough


Sometimes using Facebook and Instagram all the time makes us feel a little low about our own lives. Everyone seems to have the perfect things, the perfect homes and the perfect life. It’s time to stop worrying about all the best bits people choose to show us on our social feeds and realise that what we have right now is a blessing. So the next time you get in from work, have food in the oven, and your feet up while choosing the next box set to binge on, remember, your life is pretty great.


Image source: The organised housewifeChiltern View Magazine

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Karishma Patel

By Karishma Patel on 30.01.17

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