I’’ve found that taking my children outdoors to play really helps keep our home a harmonious place. We’’ve all had ‘one of those days’, where the family is cooped up indoors getting bored and bickering, it’’s no fun for anyone. By getting outside, exploring and making memories, we not only bond as a family, but I help nurture a love of nature that will hopefully last a lifetime.

We all have special memories of time spent with our own parents, for me it’’s the memory of baking a cake with my mum. By taking your child outdoors and making something together you might well be making the memory that your child chooses to share with their own child when they’re all grown up.

Making ‘Forest Folk’ is simple and the possibilities are endless.


here's what you'll need...

  • Air drying clay
  • An old chopping board or plate
  • A sense of adventure


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here's how it's done...

  • 1

    Head outdoors! We live in the New Forest and are lucky to have a good selection of forests close by, but you don’’t need a forest to enjoy this activity. A local park or field would work nicely too.


  • 2

    Find a nice spot to set up base. Give each child an old chopping board, plate or craft mat (I used old place mats). This gives them a clean and solid base to roll and sculpt their Forest Folk on.


  • 3

    Set your child/children the task of finding some of nature’s ‘goodies’ to decorate their Forest Folk. Recommend items such as sticks and leaves. You might like to keep the item ideas to a minimum but suggest they see what other treasures they can discover. You can then heap them with praise when they find something different. This will boost their confidence and encourage them to look further and discover new items.


  • 4

    My son Ozzy chose lichen for the beard, sticks for arms, ferns for hair and an acorn cup for a nose whilst my daughter Kitty plumped for heather for hair.


  • 5

    Once the clay was all used up, we laid the Forest Folk on their sides and returned home where we stood them back up on the boards to dry overnight.


    Making Forest Folk is a really nice activity to do seasonally in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. If you make one in each season, you can put all four Forest Folk together at the end of the year and compare how they are decorated and discuss the differences between the seasons.


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Annie Spratt

By Annie Spratt on 02.10.15

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