We installed white subway tiles with dark grout in our kitchen about 4 years ago. Back in 2011, subway tiles were just starting to become popular, so it felt really fresh and different at the time and yet, still classic. I adored it and from the response on my blog in those few years since it was completed, so did a lot of other people. Fast forward to today and subway tiles are de rigueur’ in kitchens everywhere across the land. Now, like the truly interior-obsessed person that I am, I’’m craving a bit of a change.

While the look of subway tiles is still going strong, and will likely continue to do so given their versatility and classic good looks that are steeped in history, I’’ve been checking out some other ideas for backsplashes across the web. And I haven’’t been disappointed!

There are some big kitchen trends happening at the moment, including dark colours like black and grey, using natural materials like marble and concrete and elements of warm metallic finishes. So, it’’s no surprise that my list for backsplashes includes these ideas, as well as many you may not have thought of just yet.

Today, I thought I’’d create a little roundup of 10 different ideas for backsplashes that caught my eye. So, if you too are looking to refresh your kitchen, you might find these ideas helpful and inspiring!

Let’’s get started…!



So those are 10 different and clever ideas I found when trying to decide whether to replace my own tiles for something fresh and different. Which is your favourite? Do you have any of these in your own home? I’’d love to hear from you!


Image sources: Ty Cole Photography for Design Sponge / Catherine Kwong Design via Desire to Inspire / Emily Henderson / Martina Gemmola for Inside Out / Felix Forest for Inside Out / Stadshem / Fiona Lynch / Armelle Habib for Inside Out /  Claire Delmar via French by Design / Stadshem via Kreativa Kvadrat


By Kimberly Duran on 17.08.15

Guest Contributor

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  1. Moira Mackie says:

    Hi I would be hard pushed between 10 and 6 love them both no mater what style of kitchen you have what gender you are or even age, Dont forget there are still us OLDIES out there who Dont want to go back in time lol. So I asked what family thought and out of 3 children aged between43-48-50and 9 grand children between 22 and 34 and 2 of my children picked the same as me and of the 9 g/children 6 picked the same as me. I was like another trial nana had set for them HaHa . I did give the two choices to pick from your 10 but I did not ask them to pick just one. Now would you mind telling me where you got the tiles from please With Regards M.

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