For many of us lucky enough to have a fireplace in our homes, we might want to consider our fireplace as the star of the room.  As a focal point, why not treat it as such?  You should be treating your mantle the same as you would a console table or any other surface upon which to tie your decorating scheme, whether you use flowers or accessories, framed art or photography or if your style is minimal or maximal.

Decorating your mantle can be a brilliant way to showcase your style or your collections and giving your own mantle a little love and changing up your display can change the look of your entire room.

While I’ve previously discussed some ideas on what to do with the alcoves either side of your fireplace, we’re now ready to look at the main event.

Remember to consider how the mantle works with the room as a whole and let these ideas inspire you to create something special – the possibilities really are endless!

Here are 10 different ways to create a display on your mantle…


I hope my tips today will inspire you to create a beautiful mantle display!  Which one is your favourite?  How do you decorate your own mantle? I’d love to hear from you!


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By Kimberly Duran on 07.05.14

Guest Contributor

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