To me, Christmas is all about the dining room. Gathering around the table with loved ones sipping mulled wine, eating mince pies or even your annual Christmas dinner (the best meal of the year I’d say!).

I’ve decided to come up with an alternative to the well loved and traditional Christmas tree that graces homes around the world at this time of year and what better way to incorporate some festive cheer into this space?


Here's what you'll need...

  • A large branch
  • Christmas ornaments/baubles
  • Battery powered fairy lights
  • A collection of old knifes/forks/spoons
  • Twine
  • Clear string/nylon or wire
  • Cup hooks
  • Optional: Spray paint5

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Here's how it's done...

  • 1

    Once you’ve found your ‘perfect’ branch, decide if you’re going to keep it ‘au natural’ for a rustic look or spray paint it in the colour of your choice such as white/silver/gold.

    Taking into account the size of the branch and the dimensions of what you plan to suspend it above, mark out and screw the cup hooks into the ceiling. You may need more than two to support the weight if you’re going for a large/heavy branch.


  • 2

    Using clear string or wire, suspend your stick, leaving a good amount of head room so it doesn’t become a hazard. I hung mine over my dining room table so chose to have it quite low down.


  • 3

    Entwine a set of battery powered fairy lights around your stick and hide the pack by securing it with some of the leftover clear string or some sellotape round one of the less visible sides.


  • 4

    Hang your chosen baubles and christmas decorations from your stick.


  • 5

    To bring the dining/kitchen theme into this, I decided to hang a selection of vintage knifes/spoons/forks.

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  • 6

    Et voila! It’s certainly something different that will create a wow factor for your dining room or kitchen and is a brilliant alternative to the classic Christmas tree.


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Charlotte Amor Valentine

By Charlotte Amor Valentine on 05.12.16

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