One of the most enjoyable aspects of Christmas for me is the decorating… and not just decorating my home but really going all out with a beautiful table setting.  I figure if my food isn’t up to scratch, perhaps my guests might be distracted by pretty shiny things around the food!  Well, that’s my hope anyway.

So I thought I’d share some ideas with you on one particularly gorgeous look you could go for on your Christmas table this year…

I’m calling it Scandinavian Winter.

There is something so refreshingly crisp and clean about Scandinavian style and yet it isn’t at all cold.  There’s something wonderfully cosy and tactile about it as well which is probably why it is so incredibly popular right now.  How can you attain that perfect balance and crispness and cosiness?  Well, perhaps some of the tips below can help you set your table with Scandinavian flair and capture some of that seasonal warmth too.

Here’s our inspiration…

It’s beautiful isn’t it?  But if we really study the image and start to look at each element individually and realise this gorgeous table is simply a sum of it’s parts, it becomes much easier to recreate.

Here’s what you’ll want to add to your Christmas table to get the gorgeous look above.

Mercury Glass Candlesticks, The White Company

Constance White Tableware, Graham and Greene

Snowberry Cuttings, An Angel At My Table


Cableknit candles, Yoyo Ceramics


Maroq Metal String Lights, Graham and Greene


White Deer and Stag Couple, An Angel At My Table 


Etched Snowflake Glasses, Etsy


Scatter a few walnuts and pine cones as table ‘confetti’, put up a few simple red stockings (perhaps hang one on the back of each guest chair with a little favour inside?) and you’re all set to enjoy the simple elegance of a Scandinavian Winter Christmas Table.

Feature and Inspiration image credit: Lantliv

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By Kimberly Duran on 03.12.12

Guest Contributor

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