I remember getting my very first plant when I’d moved into my own place years ago. It was a spider plant and I hung it in the only really sunny spot in the flat which was the bathroom window.  The combination of sunlight and humidity was clearly what this plant loved and despite my complete neglect, it thrived.

My success was short lived, however.

With subsequent over-confidence, the houseplants I purchased in the years that followed normally ended with me feeling horrible as I watched once-green leaves yellow and brown, only to be tossed away. I decided my initial success was just dumb luck , that I actually had a black thumb and gave up on ever owning a houseplant again.

Fast forward to 2014 and a new trend has emerged of late, one which I predict will go strong this year  The great houseplant is back, adding life and interest to interiors and I can’t deny that boho part of my aesthetic is absolutely loving it.  So with renewed vigour and battling my own insecurities of plant ownership, I decided to conquer my own black thumb and have started to fill my home  (seen below) with greenery and life.

plant vignette Swoon Worthy

That’s not to say that I’ve suddenly developed a green thumb. I haven’t. I’ve had to sorrowfully replace a few in the last year or so but more have lived than have died and my plants are lasting longer and so I’m considering that a success.

I think with anything, the more you know the better you’ll do. There’s no point in putting a sun-loving plant in a dark corner but plants are more resilient than you think. And it pays to know what suits your lifestyle when choosing your own.  Do you travel a lot? Succulents don’t need much water. Do you have a cat or dog that likes a bit of a nibble? Do your research! There are poisonous species if ingested by your pet.  It also pays to know how much water a plant needs to thrive – their needs will vary and this is why over-watering and under-watering are the biggest reason my plants have died on me.

Despite the nervousness of keeping plants, I have to say, it’s worth the extra effort required to ensure your plants look their best. They add so much life and light to a room – not to mention the fact that they clean the air while looking rather beautiful.

Swoon Worthy Living Room

If you need more convincing, think about how you might use plants in your own space.  These vertical wall planters utilise a corner beautifully adding height and depth.  The way the vines topple over the sides adds such an organic touch to the space.

Indoor wall planter

If you don’t have the wall space but like the idea of hanging planters, there are so many options to get creative. I love this ‘disco ball’ planter idea.  The shine from the sunlight off this must really make a room sparkle.

disco ball planter

Geometric shapes are really on trend as well right now so why not combine the two?

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

You might consider utilising your kitchen window for a terranium garden from hanging globes – what a beautiful display!


Simple planters do just as well. I love this collection of plants which add so much life to a window display.

Plants in window

One large plant – or in this case a tree – the blogger’s favourite, a Fiddle Leaf Fig – adds height and structure to a room as well as a dash of bold green colour.

fiddle leaf fig

Plants work in any style of space really – the same species adds a completely different look to this more boho living room, adding to the texture and pattern surrounding it.

boho living room

Indoor/Outdoor spaces like a utility room or a conservatory that gets lots of sunlight are perfect spots for a plethora of plant life and really brings the outdoors in.

Mud Room House plants

Not sure what to do with a neglected corner? I love this little alcove combining plants and artwork…

art and plants in alcove

So whether you pile on the plants, or use a solitary statement tree, the results are in. Plants are back. Will you be getting on board with the trend?  The way I see it, if I can conquer my own black thumb, surely you can too!


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By Kimberly Duran on 12.03.14

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