LivingEtc opened their doors to readers once again, allowing interior fanatics such as us to step inside homes featured in the magazine and view them first-hand.


We were given access to some incredible homes in the trendiest part of South-west London, making us feel like we’d stepped into a Pinterest board. We explored each house in detail, and absorbed plenty of style inspiration for our own living spaces. One house in particular made me want to grab a paint brush and start revamping my flat with brightly coloured art and yellow wallpaper.

The day bought together bloggers, writers and other interior obsessives, getting us all talking and the creativity flowing. Now we’ve picked three of our favourites to share with you all.


The key theme in the first home was greenery and rustic tones, while keeping appliances and walls looking neutral. This won some serious style points from me as I loved how simply adding white appliances to your kitchen can instantly add a retro feel to the overall theme. The plants brought the otherwise simple looking home to life by bringing the outdoors inside. Although maintenance of the plant life may be extensive, I’m sure by looking at these pics you’ll agree it’s worth it.



The second home we saw gave me serious kitchen envy. While it was a simple built-in kitchen, they’d injected their own personality into the design with the use of exposed brickwork and mismatched quirky accessories. We caught up with interiors writer, Rachel Ogden who says her top tips on styling a built-in kitchen include using bespoke furniture that’s made to fit your kitchen like a glove. This is ideal for uneven walls and awkward dimensions and gives you room to be creative. Rachel also talked about the importance of choosing your appliances first as the foundation of your dream kitchen. These are the things you’ll be using every day, and you’ll want to have your pick of what’s available. Once you’ve chosen the appliances that suit you best, a kitchen fitter can then plan your layout and design around them, giving you a truly personal finish.




Aside from the perfectly planned kitchen, the room that really stole the show in this home was the bold, colourful and eclectic master bedroom. From patterned wallpaper and great taste in art to the vintage chair, this room had it all.


The final house was one I could really see myself living in. The combination of modern grey sofas and giant pieces of well selected art, made it feel elegant with a burst of character. The plants and use of wood helped keep it feeling cosy. You can just imagine being snuggled up next to the wood burner on a cold evening and sipping a cup of hot chocolate.



As we walked over into the bathroom we imagined how easy it would be to relax in a room as chic as this one. The large mirror that hung from the ceiling was a major focus point and that bathtub looked like a dream.


So, of the three houses, which one is your favourite? Which one could you see yourself living in?


Image credit: Carole Poirot


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