When creating the kitchen of your dreams, it’s likely you’ll have pondered this question at least a few times. While you’ll be considering every aspect of a new kitchen, from tiles and worktops to lighting and flooring, your choice of appliances will also play a large role the final look of your design.

So today, we’re going to talk about some of the things you might want to think about if you’re considering built-in appliances – whether that’s your washing machine, fridge freezer, hob, oven, microwave or dishwasher. So, are built-in appliances the right choice for you?


The biggest benefit of built-in appliances is the seamless integration. Hidden behind doors that match the rest of the space, you’ll create a view that’s completely uninterrupted by the practicalities of day to day. It’s little wonder most interior designers and architects will specify built-in – they simply look beautiful, especially when so much care has been taken in creating a completely bespoke design.

For those that appreciate a high-end minimalist look, creating a sleek space is as much about what you put into a design as what you leave out. With built-in appliances, utilitarian pieces are quietly hidden and the eye can continue along the entire run of cupboards for a look of real luxury and style with no interruptions.

3. The Marylebone Kitchen by deVOL

On the other side of the spectrum, if your tastes tend to favour the stunning looks of Old World charm, nothing looks quite as good as technology that has been seamlessly integrated with a more rustic aesthetic, marrying cutting-edge practicality with the beautiful and timeless richness of tradition.


So, built-in appliances can help create a setting that’s exactly as you see fit for your home, no matter what your personal style.

If you’re considering colours for your cupboards that are a little more unusual (navy blue, mint green or any variety of shades and tones popular at the moment that aren’t black, white or stainless steel) or if you are considering a natural wood finish, then you need not worry about the colours of your appliances marrying well with your choice. The colours of your appliances are simply not an issue as you won’t be able to see them when the doors are shut.

6. The Pimlico Kitchen by deVOL

Consider as well that a built-in oven can be installed at eye height, making it easier to see the progress of your latest masterpiece without having to crouch down. You can also more freely mix electric and gas models between your hob and oven as they no longer need to be located at exactly the same point as it would for a free-standing model – so you’ll have a bit more flexibility as well.

9. The Marylebone Kitchen by deVOL

Another benefit is that a built-in microwave will free up valuable worktop space and can be included in the run of your cupboard doors.

Cleaning is also easier with built-in appliances as you need not worry about any food, grease or dust settling in between your cupboards and your appliances. With worktops that stretch across the length of your kitchen, you can say goodbye to having to pull appliances out to clean around those pesky areas in between.


Of course, there are other practicalities to consider. Freestanding units tend to be more budget-friendly and are easier to take with you if you move compared to their built-in equivalents. However, if you’re considering a kitchen design for the long-term and aesthetics are important to you, then built-in appliances may be just the thing to finish off your new kitchen project.


All images courtesy of deVOL Kitchens


By Kimberly Duran on 21.03.16

Guest Contributor

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