When was the last time you’ve cast a truly critical eye over the contents of your wardrobe? You know, really evaluating how much and what you have hanging up and piled on top of each other. Well, how about now? You’re probably done with your spring cleaning now, so why not extend it to your clothes?

It can be a little daunting, but once you get started getting rid of all those clothes you don’t actually wear (ever!) it does feel great. If you’re interested, you can read about my own experience here.

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So, to get you started, here are the questions you should be asking yourself about each piece:

  • When was the last time you’ve worn it? Last year? More than two years ago?
  • Does it make you feel great about yourself when you wear it? You know, does the cut flatter your figure, the colour suit your complexion and the fabric feel good on your skin?
  • Is it comfortable? We’ve all been there, that dress that needed pulling down all evening, the blouse that is just this little bit too tight, the trousers that are a bit too low cut.
  • Does it fit you? This means does it fit you right now, not once you’ve lost that half stone.
  • Is it damaged and if yes, can it easily be repaired?
  • How many other items can you wear it with? If the answer is one, then maybe this piece is taking away too much space in your wardrobe.
  • When and where do you actually wear it?

Once you’ve asked yourself all these questions you will already have a clearer image of how to tackle your overflowing wardrobe. Next, a few tips on how to get to work!


I like this idea because it is so visual and really does show which pieces you wear and which ones you don’t. Tie a pretty ribbon onto your clothing rail and move all your clothes to one side. Now, every time you wear an item, move it to the other side. After a few weeks or months you will see which items you do wear and which ones are left on the “wrong” side of the ribbon – those are the ones to chuck.

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One in one out

Make a deal with yourself. Every time you buy a new item, one item needs to go.

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Leave the tags on until you wear it

This might to some be the most shocking one, by doing this, you’ll discover just how many items you might have bought yet never worn. This method will make you think more carefully about future purchases.

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Stash it away

Put all items you’re unsure about into bin liners and stash them away for a few months. Are there any pieces you’ve missed or desperately wanted to fish back out? Keep those. How many pieces do you remember even being in there? If you can’t remember it, then get rid of it as you won’t miss it.

Once you’ve gone through your wardrobe and thrown out / donated everything that doesn’t fall into the “yes, wow, love it” category, it’s time to organise and clean up what’s left.

Hang up jackets, blouses, dresses, fold your t-shirts and jumpers, order your dresses by occasion or colour depending on your preference. In fact, most things are best ordered by colour (within each section), so black tops together, light trousers together, jeans in another section.

Storing your clothes is also a pretty important part of any wardrobe clear out, this video has some great tips on how to fold tops and shirts.

I hope all this will inspire you to clear out and organise your wardrobe. There’s one thing I know for sure, the feeling that a weight has been lifted off your shoulders by getting rid of all those clothes we don’t need is real.


Image Sources: Erica Gannett for Refinery 29 / A Beautiful Mess / Natasha Lee for Rue Magazine / Stylizimo


By Carole Poirot on 23.05.16

Guest Contributor

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