There are few people in the blogging community who have made quite such an impact as Will Taylor. His blog, Bright.Bazaar  inspires hundreds of thousands of readers from around the globe every day, showcasing beautiful interiors, food and travel with a personal touch and a stylish eye. As a big lover of colour in my own interiors, I admire the passion with which Will shows how and why colour works so beautifully to lift our moods on a site that’s as gorgeous as it is informative.  


When he’s not blogging, he’s collaborating on magazine shoots, as an interiors journalist and stylist and this year, he sees a dream come true as his colourful world is published as a book of the same name. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Will on a couple of occasions (he gives the best hugs!) and have always found him to be as charming and dapper as his online persona. He’s active on social media as well with beautifully curated Pinterest boards, an engaged audience on Twitter as well as a popular Facebook page. Clearly a busy guy, I was thrilled that he agreed to take some time out to chat to us here on AO at Home recently.  Here’s what he had to say…

Tell us a little bit about your background and how Bright Bazaar came to be.

I graduated from Cardiff University in 2009 with a degree in Journalism and began work at the BBC. I started in BBC Children’s, working on Blue Peter, which was a childhood dream coming true! At the end of the series I moved over to BBC Entertainment and worked on live Saturday night TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing. I learnt a lot of amazing skills in the TV roles I worked on but I was keen to find a creative outlet to call my own. This led to me opening Blogger and launching Bright.Bazaar back in 2009.

Living Room Copyright Will Taylor

When I first started blogging five years ago I had no clue what a blog was! Even after I had posted my first post on Blogger, I wasn’t really sure what this website was that allowed me to post pictures and text, but I knew I loved it! After about six months I had discovered that there were lots of other fantastic and inspiring bloggers with like-minded interests and so that’s when I decided I wanted to take my blog more seriously: posting more regularly with better photographs etc. I never could have dreamed that five years later I would be publishing a book worldwide in the same name!


I’m very excited about the new book! Congratulations! For those unfamiliar with your signature style, how would you describe your aesthetic?

Eclectic. Colourful. Welcoming. Comfortable. Whimsical.


As the creator of a site that’s endlessly inspiring, whose work inspires you?

One of my favourite blogs is written by Mike and Megan Gilger and is called The Fresh Exchange – I love their hand written type, inspiring photography and refreshing perspective on life (and lifestyle, in general!).


What’s a typical work day like? 

A typical work day starts with a BIG coffee and breakfast. In the winter I like to light a scented candle in my office to make things feel cosy and then I click the radio on before checking my emails. I used to check my emails on my phone before I stepped out of bed but I wait until I’’m in my office now and it’’s so much healthier! With my emails checked, I take a quick click through my social media accounts to answer any queries, approve blog comments, reply to Tweets and schedule updates for the day ahead. Next I’’ll either jump on a conference call with my publishers or magazine editor before spending a few hours focusing on an article before lunch. After lunch I may have to head out for meetings or further conference calls with clients in America as they start their day. I try to wrap up my work day by 8pm but being self employed it’’s not always such a reasonable hour!


What has been the highlight of your blog/work so far?

I was thrilled when Bright.Bazaar was recently named the 7th best interiors website in the world by The Daily Telegraph and Red magazine’’s favourite interiors blog. I’ve also enjoyed collaborating with globally recognised brands including Martha Stewart, Laura Ashley, West Elm, Visa, Canon and others. That said, my number one career highlight to date has to be the worldwide release of my first interior design book. I poured everything into the project: from the initial book idea and location research to the styling, photography, graphic design and words; I guess it really is my baby and I’m very proud of the end result.


As well you should be! Those are impressive accomplishments! What advice would you give to someone else looking to grow their own blog?

Don’’t try and recreate what has gone before: there’’s a lot of content on social media and to break through you need to have a USP that will make you memorable. Also, don’’t feel you need to be on every social network: pick two or three key platforms and do them really well.


Bedroom Copyright Will Taylor

Great advice! What do you think are the 3 most important things one should consider when creating a blog post?

I always ask myself one thing before I hit Publish: does this post offer the reader something new? If the answer is No, I don’’t delete it, I go back and think of ways I can add value to the content before I publish it.


Hypothetical: You can only decorate in various shades of one colour.  What colour would it be?

Blue. It’’s such a versatile shade. From deep and cocooning indigo to refreshing sky blue, it can work in so many different spaces.

Bedding Copyright Wil Taylor

Somehow I knew you’d say that! Other than your phone, what 3 things can’t you leave the house without?

Head phones, tote bag and an umbrella.


Who’’s your current favourite up and coming British designer and why?

I really like the work of furniture designer James Harrison. The yellow Jonah sofa  in my living room on the UK cover of the Bright.Bazaar book was designed by him.


Where is your fantasy shopping location?

An Indian market for all the colours!


And finally… what’’s next for Will Taylor?

Right now I’m busy with promotion for the first Bright.Bazaar book. It’’s all new to me but I’m enjoying experiencing something totally different to the rest of my career to date.

Well I for one am really excited about the coming book! Thanks so much to Will for taking part in our series and we wish him all the success as a published author!

 All images copyright Will Taylor


By Kimberly Duran on 05.03.14

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