That’s why today we’re rolling up our sleeves, wheeling out the chalkboard, and doing the math to finally unravel the secrets behind the Smart TV and find out why they’re being pitched as the next big thing.


Get connected

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This biggest and most important distinction between a Smart TV and their less-intelligent counterparts is that a Smart TV can connect to the internet via an ethernet cable or WiFi. Why does that matter? Because connectivity opens up a whole world of possibilities, giving you the ability to access apps, stream video, and surf the web.


For all intents and purposes, it turns a TV into a true multimedia device. No longer will you be confined to the realms of Freeview, forced to aimlessly sift through channel after channel in search of something remotely watchable. Now, the power to watch what you want, when you want, will be in your hands. And we mean that in the most literal sense possible.


Convenience is King

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Speaking practically, the biggest benefit of owning Smart TV is the convenience it affords you. Not so long back, you might’ve been tempted to purchase a Smart Blu-ray player to turn your average display into a smart device.


Now, there’s nothing wrong with doing that, especially if you’re in the market for a Blu-ray player. But in terms of functionality, it isn’t the perfect solution. You’ll still have to turn on your player whenever you want to use a smart feature, and in some cases you might even have to buy a wireless adaptor to connect to the internet. Workable? Yes. Ideal? Not exactly.


That’s where the Smart TV comes in. An all-in-one solution, Smart TV apps are installed to the television itself. That means accessing Netflix, catching up with ITV Player, BBC iPlayer, and 4oD, and even having a quick sift through Facebook or Twitter, can be done with a few quick button presses.


Certain storefronts also offer access to a variety of lifestyle, health, fitness, news, sports, and weather apps, to help you with everything from your cooking to your workout routine. Maybe you want to pull up a recipe while you cook or quickly check the weather before a family outing? Well, go right ahead.


I choose you

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It sounds great, right? Well it is. But you should be aware that some apps are only available on certain Smart TVs, so make sure to check which are brand/model specific before you take the plunge.


That being said, most TVs will come with a healthy selection of video on-demand services and social media apps like Facebook and YouTube as standard. More often, its features such as web browsers and games that tend to be exclusive.


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By Chris Kerr on 24.01.17

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