With Easter now out of the way, as parents we’ll inevitably be turning our attention to the next big school holiday, and wondering how we’re going to amuse our little ones for 5-6 weeks.

Holidays, trips out and play-dates can only fill up so much time, so we’re invariably left with at least a couple of weeks’ worth of activities to find to make sure they aren’t bored.

Well, if your youngster is technologically minded (my oldest certainly is), there are a number of great events or courses you could sign up for this summer. I’ve put together a few ideas to hopefully inspire you, but a quick Google search will almost certainly turn up more in your area. Here’s a few to start you off with:


Summer Tech Camps – Nationwide, Summer


There are a number of organisations that run ‘summer camps’ with a technology theme in the UK –FunTech is just one good example, but there are more.

With courses in everything from Gaming, Drones, Lego robotics, Computer Animation and Java Coding (as well as Minecraft ‘mods’) there are plenty of courses which will attract the junior computer expert in your household. Some are residential, while others run for single days, and all of them boast the education-friendly results of previous camps – so you can be sure you’re not just sending them off to sit in front of a PC for a week.


Engineering Camps – Cambridge University, Summer

Many universities and colleges use the summer break to run courses and camps for younger students, ensuring the next generation of geniuses are well catered for, as well as the current ones. Cambridge is a nice example, with their Physics and Engineering courses being particularly well-known.

Youngsters aged 14-18 can learn about many of the aspects of engineering that university students cover, but in a more approachable, hands-on way – taught by some of the brightest minds in academia. With 3-week residential courses as well as daily activities, it’s worth approaching your local university to enquire about what child-friendly courses they might be running this year.


Digital Photography courses – Nationwide, Summer


If the thought of your child being stuck in front of a computer all day isn’t appealing, how about a digital skill which will encourage them to get out into the countryside? Digital Photography is more than just iPhone selfies and instagram – and with many great courses available (catering for kids as young as 6) it could be a great way to add a new string to their bow.

There are courses running around the country, just Google ‘photography courses for children’ and you’re sure to find something nearby.

I hope you found some of these ideas useful and that they will perhaps prompt you to get some plans penciled in the diary for the Summer holidays! Let us know how you encourage your kids to get into tech?



By Henry Elliss on 17.04.15

Guest Contributor

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