CES is a global gathering for all things tech. Thousands of exhibiting companies come together to display their most incredible innovations and breakthrough technologies, creating a central hub for brilliant minds to show-off their state of the art machines.

The event occurs every January in Las Vegas, but unfortunately isn’t open to the general public. Fear not though friends, we at AO.com have a rundown of some of the most futuristic, mind-blowing tech they had to offer.


It seems like “cuteness” is a strong theme this year in robotics. And nothing is cuter than Sony’s Albio, version two of the robotic pup that had people positively pining 18 years ago.

With the ability to learn and grow with its owner, Albio represents a new age in artificial intelligence. His behaviours and range of movement are super-realistic, and the addition of OLED eyes gives this little guy bags of character and expression. It’s able to recognise individual faces and even take photos that you can access through an app. He comes in at a hefty $1,700 (plus a service fee) and he’s all ready to be picked up by a lucky few consumers in Japan.

Another stand-out project includes the Aeolus Robot, a household robot that’s not a million miles away from Rosie of The Jetsons. She promises to vacuum your house and even put away the dishes.


Sony Aibo

Image Source: Sony Japan



Samsung unveiled the world’s first MicroLED screen TV at the event, and they’ve called it ‘The Wall’. Standing at an eye-boggling 146 inches, this TV has the technology to deliver the most stunning viewing experience possible, no matter the size of the screen! The MicroLEDs are much, much tinier than your average LED, and serve as their own source of light – so you get one heck of a crisp picture.

As well as this goliath screen, Samsung gave us a sneak peek into the world of 8K. That’s right. 8K is coming! This magnificent technology boasts the ability to upscale even standard definition into crystal clarity too.


Samsung The Wall TV

Image Source: Samsung Newsroom


Smart Home

Picture this: you’re rousing from a wonderful night’s sleep to the view of your blinds opening, and the feeling of warmth as your heating turns on. And at night, your lights can dim gently just as you drift off. Thanks to Nokia Sleep, you can create a home that responds to your waking and sleeping patterns. It features a sleek pad that slides under your mattress, monitoring your sleep cycles and even your snoring!

Another must mention was Nanoleaf’s almost magical-looking light panels. They can be linked together to create an entire wall of light, in any pattern you like. You can connect up to 1,000 colourful panels and, they’re touch sensitive, allowing you to dim them with a simple swipe.




Nokia Sleep

Image Source: Nokia



The biggest reveal this year from a VR perspective was HTC’s Vive Pro. The headset features a much improved display and a far more comfortable fit.

A higher pixel density (about 78% more pixels than the last Vive) means that images are crisper and clearer – bringing you right into the heart of the virtual world. This means that stepping into your favourite games will be even more exciting and lifelike. This technology also removes some of the unwanted visual effects that were bothersome with the previous version.


Vive Pro

Image Source: Vive



We all love to listen to music while we work out, and Garmin have developed a fitness watch that can store up to 500 songs, so you can leave your phone at home. The Forerunner 645 Music is also fully equipped with GPS tracking, training modes and a digital payment system of its own, so you have everything you could possibly need whilst out on a run.

Another amazing fitness gadget to come from CES 2018 was the Coros Pace. This wearable tracker is designed with triathletes in mind, and boasts an incredible 30 days of battery life in standby mode. It has dedicated modes for running, swimming and cycling, and is waterproofed for dives of up to 150 meters!


Garmin 645 Music Watch

image Source: Garmin

Where will the world of tech take us in 2018? We’re reaching an exciting age of innovations, and it’s looking like our daily lives are going to be seamlessly influenced by technology, from the moment we wake, to the moment we sleep.


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