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Slide and Hide®

In one motion, the door drops down, safely folding away underneath - perfect if you're looking for an oven with added style.

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Single Ovens

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Home to Slide&Hide® doors on selected models and a large 67 litre capacity, these self-cleaning ovens take care of your cooking, even after dinner's served.

Double Ovens

Double Ovens Shop now

Two grills, CeramiClean liners and settings such as Circo Roasting and dough proving make these ovens the right choice for the experimental chef.

Compact Ovens

Microwave Ovens Shop now

The compact oven and microwave ranges offer the perfect solution when space is at a premium. Combining functional settings with Neff's renowned style, these models are the perfect choice for a busy chef.

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Please use these dimensions only as an initial guide when choosing your Neff oven.

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Customer Reviews

U14M42N3GB review

"I find myself using the excellent Circo Therm setting most often. This makes little mess and gives a really even heat."

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B15M52N3GB review

"This oven works like a dream. It's very easy to use and clean. This is my second Neff oven and would not want to buy any other than Neff."

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B44M42N3GB review

"Love the slide and hide oven door. Brilliant for lifting casseroles from the oven and gonna be a godsend when I come to clean it."

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Bake it yourself with Neff

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Discover a world of delicious cakes, biscuits and pastries that you and your family can enjoy baking together with our videos and recipes. We've tested 3 tasty treats for you to rustle up, just click the button below and get your taste buds tingling.

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