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    Customer Reviews — Nespresso by Magimix Vertuo Next 11706 - White

    Customer Reviews — Nespresso by Magimix Vertuo Next 11706 - White

    Nespresso by Magimix Vertuo Next 11706 - White
    • Enjoy the full range of Nespresso® coffee
    • 1.1 litre capacity
    • Heats up quickly so you can enjoy your coffee sooner
    • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
    • 3 year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind
    4.7 / 5

    Just like a coffee shop

    This coffee machine is sleek, eco friendly and the main reason for reviewing it is that it makes excellent coffee. The same quality from a a coffee shop. My house smells amazing and Nespresso offer a fab collection of coffees. I was really Pleased that the machine As it has a built in bin which is easy to empty and you can recycle your coffee pods. The machine is a fantastic price at present and it is very quiet whilst making the coffee. The machine isn’t bulky and I found it very simple to use. I would definitely recommend to everyone, modern and stylish and produces great coffee

    Great Nespresso Upgrade

    I was looking for an upgrade to my old Nespresso machine, which used the smaller original pod system. The idea of being able to choose different sizes and styles of coffee with the Vertuo system is a real plus. The coffee is great too, from the large travel mug size down to the more original espresso size. The machine comes with a nice selection box of coffee, which was useful to get an idea of which ones to buy afterwards. On an environmental note, the machine comes with a bag to use for recycling the aluminium pods after use, these can be dropped off at the Nespresso 'Boutiques'. The machine itself looks great and is so easy to set up and use. The Vertuo Next machine boasts of app connectivity; however, I could not see any benefits to using the app. One minor downside to the machine that I have found is that the cable is a little too short and where I store it in my kitchen means I have to move it closer to a socket every time I use the machine.

    Elegant & Delightful

    The Vertuo Magimix Nespresso is the talking point of any kitchen. A wonderfully simplistic yet bold design which would compliment any kitchen aesthetic, this machine screams class. Simple set-up and use, the machine takes seconds to heat once turned on and produces a room filling aroma. With dozens of flavours of coffee in all manner of sizes to choose from the biggest issue I've had is settling on a coffee blend! The starter pack of Vertuo pods included with the machine give a fairly nice array of coffee to chose from and the Nespresso app and accompanying paperwork make ordering more coffee from the complete range easy to do. The Nespresso pod recycling service is a wonderful addition which only serve further to enhance the brand awareness and respect. Many of my household have now tried a number of the pods and very much enjoyed the experience.

    Fantastic machine if you like longer coffee

    So, love coffee of all sorts but when I want a longer coffee hit, particularly to take with me, instant coffee just doesn't make the cut and my original Nespresso machine is just too small (size of coffee, not machine) so I tried the new Vertuo Next. First of all, it tastes great. There is a massive choice from a quick espresso to the 414ml Alto - perfect for my travel mug, and they are all like they were made in my local coffee shop. The crema is really good, and looks so impressive in a glass mug - Add a little milk BEFORE you start and you get something resembling a flat white. It's very quick and effortless as the machine knows what capsule is in, and after connecting to Wifi can actually be updated over the air?! - I can literally hit the open button, pop it in and press go, by the time I’ve made a bite to eat it ready to drink no matter what I’ve decided to enjoy!!

    Pretty good

    Like most of these machines it’s never as hot as you’d like but the coffee is nice and strong and full of flavour. Stick your milk in the mug first and microwave for a minute is my tip!

    Wake up and smell the coffee

    Having only ever owned a coffee machine where you had to add the ground coffee yourself then clean it out before then adding the grounds again and repeat for the number of coffees you required, I was really looking forward to using the new Nespresso pod machine and it didn’t disappoint. On arrival I found the device very easy to set up and use. The most difficult part was understanding all the different coffee types that came with the device; which I did struggle with not being a coffee connoisseur. Then again this was part of the fun and I soon learnt which coffee I liked the most. The device itself is quite stylish by design, however, loading and unloading the pods I felt was a bit clunky and not very smooth. Having said that, when making the coffee I did find the device was surprisingly quiet. It made a very hot coffee which I have struggled with when drinking coffee round friends houses who own similar devices. I also liked the way it collected the used pods in a separate container which was also very easy to empty and clean once full. The bonus with this new device is that not only can you choose a wide selection of coffees you can also choose sizes from espresso to the very largest. This is done automatically using the bar code on the pod. If you are a regular coffee drinker and appreciate a great coffee without the faff then this device is great.

    Great coffee at an excellent price

    I can’t recommend this machine highly enough. The Vertuo pods offer so much more versatility than their predecessors and this machine is so intuitive and easy to use, it’s a winning combination.

    Strong coffee in an instant

    I was excited to set this up - quick glance at the instructions - downloaded the Nespresso app - linked to Bluetooth and WiFi (wasn’t expecting that) then a 5-7min set up process for the machine to run hot water through it. I was excited to try my first coffee - you get a nice small selection of coffees to trial - press the button and off you go! It’s quite a noisy machine but spend 5 mins in a coffee shop and those things aren’t quiet either - but it makes the drink very quickly - you can then top up your coffee if you are using a large mug by pushing the button again. The major pro to this machine for me is that I use soy milk - so having just coffee capsules means You can add your milk of choice - the coffee comes out cooler than it wound from a kettle too so this means soy milk doesn’t curdle despite the coffee strength. I’ve been drinking lots of coffees this past week and haven’t once switched on my kettle to make an instant one! The machine itself is sleek and doesn’t take up much worktop space (much smaller than my older model which has sadly stopped working after several years) The water tank is hidden behind but easy to see when it is running low - I like the fact this model doesn’t have a filter built in which needs replacing (costs add up) obviously you could pour filtered water into it if that bothered you. When you register the machine you set up an account with nespresso where you can buy the pods - other places are obviously available too but they have some good new customer offers. The pods are partly recyclable - which is a pro obvious - hopefully they will develop this to make them 100% recyclable. I’m impressed - possibly drinking too much coffee but it’s new and exciting!