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    Customer Reviews — Bissell CrossWave™ All in One 1713 Wet & Dry Cleaner

    Customer Reviews — Bissell CrossWave™ All in One 1713 Wet & Dry Cleaner

    Bissell CrossWave™ All in One 1713 Wet & Dry Cleaner
    • 0.82 litre water capacity
    • Brush bar rotates to effectively lift out dirt
    • Wash and vacuum carpets at the same time for great results
    • Flexible floorhead pivots for greater manoeuvrability
    • Easy-to-use touch controls
    4.7 / 5

    Not bad but not perfect

    The pros It makes a quick clean of large areas faster than sweeping then mopping. The Cons The detergent is rubbish! The brush bar doesn’t make good enough contact with the floor to give it any elbow grease I wanted a cleaner that gave it a bit of welly! It doesn’t clean up to the edges of the room/furniture there is about an inch gap that doesn’t get cleaned so you need to get the mop out if you want to clean properly. So overall I’d say this is overpriced for what it is actually capable of

    Great Hard Floor Cleaner

    Watched a promotional video and purchased the Crosswave delighted with the results. Certainly beats the mop in time and finished result.


    We did a lot of research to find a hard floor cleaner which would suit kitchen & conservatory. The cleaning is brilliant, and it is easy to clean and put the cleaning agent in. Also nice and light to use, but still has the power to do the job. If this was cordless it would have six stars!!

    Perfection in blue plastic but for one drawback

    This cleans floors well and truly does vacuum as well as it mops. It is not as heavy as I thought it would be and is much lighter than a dyson vacuum cleaner (old style plug in). It is really manoeuveable, too, as you can tilt it right back to go under things, and the head is wide and flat so you can follow a wall right under a radiator. It all comes apart very simply and cleverly to clean after use. There's one drawback and it's a biggie which is why an otherwise outstanding product such as this doesn't get five stars. It doesn't mop within about 3cm of a wall whether you are sideways or straight on. It vacuums right up to the wall, but does not mop. On a floor with stuck on mud or dirt you'll need to go round the edges after with a wet wipe. I note that a yellow-coloured competitor product appears in hindsight to be superior in this respect, although I daresay lacking in some other areas in which the crosswave excels.

    Excellent hard floor cleaner

    This does an excellent job at cleaning the hard floors and the floor literally shines after use. The only reason why I didn't give this 5 stars is because there is no attachment to get into tight spaces or next to the floor edge

    Cuts cleaning time.

    Conventionally mopping always come across bits on hard floors which appear from nowhere. This deals with all that and more. The unit is slightly noisy when running. but its simplicity of use far outweighs that.

    Wish I bought this first

    Does a brilliant job on tiles. I wish I’d saved myself some money and bought this before I tried another branded steam cleaner. No complaints and I had to clean up after 3 messy, malting labs.


    This product is the best that I have come across and tried.