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    Customer Reviews — Bissell CrossWave™ All in One 1713 Wet & Dry Cleaner

    Customer Reviews — Bissell CrossWave™ All in One 1713 Wet & Dry Cleaner

    Bissell CrossWave™ All in One 1713 Wet & Dry Cleaner
    • 0.82 litre water capacity
    • Brush bar rotates to effectively lift out dirt
    • Wash and vacuum carpets at the same time for great results
    • Flexible floorhead pivots for greater manoeuvrability
    • Easy-to-use touch controls
    4.6 / 5

    Honestly, Just don't buy this!

    Awful. Do not waste your money. Buy a Shark or Dyson instead. It doesn't 'steam' like you'd think, just makes your floor wet. Hoover just pushes debris around the carpet and blows things across hard floors. It is also loud and seeing as you can buy a much better one for the same price it is truly not worth it! I promise you! I feel bad even offering it to friends for free it's that terrible!

    Should have brought a vax ...

    Go for the Vax!

    not as good as expect

    It works, but not as good as expect. No detail user manual in the package, we have to search and download from website. This product is designed mainly for hard floor and not for carpet.

    Not bad but not perfect

    The pros It makes a quick clean of large areas faster than sweeping then mopping. The Cons The detergent is rubbish! The brush bar doesn’t make good enough contact with the floor to give it any elbow grease I wanted a cleaner that gave it a bit of welly! It doesn’t clean up to the edges of the room/furniture there is about an inch gap that doesn’t get cleaned so you need to get the mop out if you want to clean properly. So overall I’d say this is overpriced for what it is actually capable of

    Needs Improvement, sorry Bissell.

    I really wanted to like this, the idea is great. I tested this on all our household floors, kitchen tiles, laminate flooring and carpet. There is no attachment to get into corners or crevices so I would disagree that it is "One step Cleaning" as the box states as you have to use another gadget to do this. First of all I trialled it on our living room rug, firstly hovered then tried the wet clean, the water went on the rug but hardly any water sucked up (yet I did release the handle) so although once dried the rug did look cleaner I wonder where all the dirt went. After using it wet I had to then wash the roller out and leave it dry for 24 hours before I could use the device again to vacuum. I next tried it on the kitchen floor, it did wash it and when it dried it looked nice ,but again, not a huge amount of water was sucked back into the machine. I think this product needs a bit more work as I wouldn't call it a dry vacuum, or, wet floor cleaner as it didn't do either very well. Sorry Bissell, I love your products and have a few and this is the only one I didn't really like. The instructions also contradict themselves as on page 14 it shows you should wash out the roller end in the tray ,and the quick start instructions say to put it under the tap. I wouldn't buy this if you are looking for a stand alone vacuum or a floor washer, it needs a hose and accessories to improve.

    It works

    Only used it a few times but seems to do what is claims to

    Why have I only just bought this!

    Fantastic was shocked at how dirty the water afterwards was! Really cleans the grout as well.

    Very happy

    Really pleased with this Bissell product, hoover and mop function work very well. It is a bit noisy but not too much of a problem. I would like it to come with some sort of strainer through which you empty the water - you cannot simply pour the water down a sink because of how much debris it hoovers up. Would also like the fluid to be anti-bacterial. Overall the product works very well, my floors are cleaner and it does two jobs at once - win win!