Customer Reviews — Russell Hobbs Panini Grill And Griddle Sandwich Toaster - Stainless Steel

Customer Reviews — Russell Hobbs Panini Grill And Griddle Sandwich Toaster - Stainless Steel

Russell Hobbs Panini Grill And Griddle 17888 Sandwich Toaster - Stainless Steel
  • Make 5 portions at once
  • Grease-resistant, non-stick cooking surface
  • 1960 Watt power output
  • Hinge opens wide - perfect for thick slices of bread
  • Handy drip tray catches fat to make cleaning easier
4.7 / 5

Waste of money

I have had this grill for 6 months. Initially I thought it was OK. Now I have had a chance to try it a lot I am not happy with it. It gets really hot and burns food on the outside before it is cooked. It creates a large amount of smoke. It is a pain to clean. I would only use it for sandwiches, which defeats the object of having one machine for different tasks.

could be better

first impressions are good, its a good size, nice design can be used for cooking different things. It heats up very quickly but becomes too hot and the food burns almost instantly, cleaning is a bit of a pain scrubbing between the grills.
Wild Wednesday

Snack Grill

I like this grill, but one problem i have is that there is no temperature control on it. Found it went from 0 - 40 in 5 seconds. Also find a lot of steam comes from it.

Not consistent

Not much to say on this, it's a mini grill, however from the experience I have so far with paninis and toasted sandwiches is that the heating elements are uneven so they tend to burn in some spots and not do much in others

Great but big

Love love love this product, takes no time at all to cook with, easy set up and great results, but it’s awkward sized and if you have a small kitchen like me, it’s difficult to find a home for it
Krystal Hughes

All in one Grill

Lovely item which has many functions without having separate machines. Only fault is that it does get too hot for some food items. Very good for kids to use to make toasties ect. Overall good value for money product.
Happy kids

Healthier alternative to frying pan

This is a versatile product from toasting paninis to making a fry up on it it does it all and for a very reasonable price. Small and doesn't take up too much space however has the functionality to open flat allowing you to use the top and bottom griddle to cook steaks or bacon on, the drip tray is inserted into centre of press so no moving about with excess fat spilling. Quick to heat up.

Great product

Product works very well and is versatile. Does heat up very quickly and is difficult to control temperatures. Overall good.