Customer Reviews — Bissell Stain Pro 6 20096 Carpet Cleaner with Heated Cleaning

Customer Reviews — Bissell Stain Pro 6 20096 Carpet Cleaner with Heated Cleaning

Bissell Stain Pro 6 20096 Carpet Cleaner with Heated Cleaning
  • 3.7 litre water capacity
  • Brush bar rotates to effectively lift out dirt
  • Heated cleaning helps to break down grease and dirt
  • Supplied with a handy tool for removing everyday stains
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind
4.8 / 5

A good Carpert cleaner

This is a good Carpert cleaner for what we paid £169. Would have had 5 star if it picked up the water better.


Recently purchased this product and in comparison to a rivals piece of equipment the difference is vast. Carpets came up a lot cleaner. Would have liked the house pipe attachment to be slightly longer or an additional piece to enable to clean the stairs. Without having to balance machine on steps halfway down. Overall, great value for money and would have got 5 stars had the attachments been longer

heavy but cleans well

I tested this with a carpet that I thought wasn't very dirty as it was only a year old, I was shocked by how dirty the water was that came out! The machine is very easy to use and easy to control. It is larger than I expected so am having fun trying to find somewhere to store it. Getting it upstairs was ok for me, but it's weight would make it harder for someone with strength or mobility issues, hence the 4 stars.
Mrs McJ

carpet cleaner

very easy to use,quite heavy though cleaned the carpets well and made them smell nice and fresh

Great cleaner

It is a great machine, brought my carpet and sofa very clean. I wish that it had a spinning brush on hand tool. Also I am not sure if this machine heats the water itself too? I know you need to fill it with hot water as per the instruction. However I am really glad that Ive bought this machine. Very good suction too by the way.


Very lightweight carpet cleaner. Does a good job, left carpet smelling fresh and cleaned really well. Loses a star because it doesn't seem to hold a lot of water

Good job

I purchased this to clean my carpets as I have a big hairy dog, who has made my carpets minging. Worked really well. I found the brushes and hard to clean and you can’t see when the tank is empty. I also couldn’t see the full level for the tank. Which I think is a little awkward to fill. That said, it cleaned the carpets up a treat.
Sarah G

Carpet cleaner

Done a pretty good job cleaning, only drawback is it's difficult to tell how much is left in the cleaning tank.