Customer Reviews — Bissell CrossWave™ Pet 2224E Wet & Dry Cleaner

Customer Reviews — Bissell CrossWave™ Pet 2224E Wet & Dry Cleaner

Bissell CrossWave™ Pet 2224E Wet & Dry Cleaner
  • 0.82 litre water capacity
  • Clever brush roll works on both carpets and hard floors
  • Vacuums, washes and dries at the same time
  • Flexible floorhead pivots for greater manoeuvrability
  • Includes a tank strainer, 1L of pet formula & more
4.7 / 5

Really pleased

This has saved so much time and trouble. We have light coloured tiles in the kitchen and 2 hairy dogs! It took a little while to get the best out of it but now really pleased. It can smear a bit on the tiles but by holding the water handle down over an area then going over it dry afterwards it comes up perfectly. We (or the dogs) can walk on it straight afterwards without leaving footprints. Our wooden floors in the living room come up beautifully in one quick pass with the water on. It cleans easily on the cleaning tray and came with 2 brushes so one can dry while using the other. Could do with a hand held attachment for small gaps but otherwise does a great job and saves a lot of time compared to hoovering then mopping.

Excellent product!

With most of my house hard floors I was getting back ache washing them. So invested in the Bissell crosswave. It cleaned the floors really well. Not sure if it’s satisfying or shocking to see all the dirty water! The floors were pretty much dry straight away. I deliberately didn’t vaccum before doing it and it coped with that with ease. Took a minute or two to clean all the tanks and filter after but that no big hassle. No more then cleaning a mop and cleaning the bucket. Mine came with 2 rollers so I clean it all and pop the wet roller on the stand ready to dry and the dry on in the machine ready to go. I got the corded one has a prettily good reach I just needed to swap plugs 1 time downstairs. Was so pleased I leant it to my sister who has now bought one herself.


Arrived promptly. I used it the same day. Uses very little water but cleans the floor really well without streaks and dry almost immediately. Needs to be cleaned out after use, but easy and so satisfying to see how well it has picked up the dirt and filtered it. Having dogs you realise how much it picked up despite having swept up before cleaner arrived

Does exactly what its designed to do

I would recomend this product for anyone that has a mass off hard flooring, as the cleaning down time off the hoover for one room wouldnt be worth it. However if you do get one of these I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Great results

Works well and gets up a lot of dirt - I thought my floors were pretty clean but the used water was filthy! Really easy to clean itself afterwards too. The only downside so far is that it doesn't get right into the edges or tight spaces.

Great for pet owners

Excellent product for combining hoovering and washing the floor. With two dogs there’s a lot of mud and fur, my floors felt so clean after using it. Saves time with cleaning but you do need to clean the machine after every use.

Great product on wood / solid floors and short pile rugs

This is a great product that we have used already several times since purchase. Great on wood / solid floors, and short pile rugs. It hasn't performed as well on longer pile carpets, but that's not what the product was designed or bought for. With the cleaning fluid provided it leaves a lovely fresh smell and gets rid of pet odor. It would have got 5 stars if the water / fluid tank and the dirty water catch tank were a bit bigger. To do all our floors downstairs we have to fill and empty 4 times.
Tim Cropper

Ok but room for improvement.

The product is good except it does not get close enough to the edges. It works quite well on our textured tiles but could do with more suction. Ordering and paying was easy. Good delivery tracking and polite driver but what idiots puts the label to be scanned on the bottom of the item??
Trevor Chynoweth