Customer Reviews — HUAWEI 15.6" Laptop AMD Ryzen 5 256GB Solid State Drive 8GB RAM [2020]

Customer Reviews — HUAWEI 15.6" Laptop AMD Ryzen 5 256GB Solid State Drive 8GB RAM [2020]

HUAWEI Matebook D 15.6" [2020] Laptop - Grey
  • Lightweight laptop with a 6 hour battery life
  • Full HD screen - for a stunning, clear picture
  • 256GB SSD offers plenty of storage & super-fast loading
  • AMD Ryzen 5 processor - for multitasking & streaming
  • 8GB of RAM delivers seamless multitasking
4.8 / 5

My Huawei experience.

Speaking as someone who knows his bit about computers and laptops. Here is my honest review. After 3 days of ownership, light computing for Uni work.. The fast charge stopped working. It began overheating. I had it replaced by AO. Same issue. Otherwise, this is a fantastic mid range laptop with great features such as the OneHop service and fingerprint sensor. The camera is not well placed. Maybe a height adjuster in the future? The computer has low CPU speed, if it came with 2.5ghz or a 2.7ghz processor, this would be ample for what it is. But the Quad Core processor is a plus. Excellent speeds otherwise, very fast to turn on and load software thanks to SSD usage. PC Manager is an excellent tool for people who aren't too clued up on their techy things. Great all round laptop with bad teething problems.

Bad Camera

This is a really nice laptop, sleek, big screen, fast. Everything I've seen so far is great except for a major draw back which is why I've knocked off 2 stars. The hidden camera, whilst great that it can be hidden, is hidden in one of the keys in the top row. Because it is is down low in the keyboard and not at the top of the screen, it is angled up to see you and basically is a really awkward and unflattering view (think double chins and nasal view)! When you are looking at people on a zoom call it looks as though you arent involved, because the camera is way below eyeline so looks like you are staring off into space! I regret my buy because of this major drawback.

Very nice laptop

Bought this because it was in my budget and I really like my huawei phone. So far I've mostly used it to watch stuff. Good picture, no buffering. Starts up quickly. Overall, pleased.
Alice Perry

Great laptop, no complaints.

Great laptop, sleek looking, thin and fast. The only fault I would say is the position of the webcam, which is mounted on the keyboard. This means that anyone you video chat with is looking up at you from a low position.
Colin Duffy

Good laptop, good features, watch the touchy mouse.

Excellent speakers and screen. Long lasting battery. Good keyboard, all runs very nicely but watch out for the mouse pad! Even set to least sensitivity, it is very touchy, don't leave your left hand on it when in use. 2 months use and we are happy we bought it.

Good mid range laptoo

Good mid range laptop. Could do with a backlit keyboard but overall perfect for office work

Good for the price

For the price, the laptop is very good. It was reallu easy to set up and works well. Two things that let it down - the webcam camera placement...the angle is really unflattering (no-one wants to see up your nose, it’s not a look look!) and also the keyboard keys sit quite flush and for those of us ladies who like our long nails, it can making typing a bit tricky. But on the whole, a decent laptop.

Very Good

Very good Laptop,would have been 5*,if had the backlit keyboard,