Customer Reviews — Philips 55OLED805 55" Smart Ambilight 4K Ultra HD Android OLED TV

Customer Reviews — Philips 55OLED805 55" Smart Ambilight 4K Ultra HD Android OLED TV

Philips 55OLED805 55" Smart Ambilight 4K Ultra HD Android OLED TV
  • 4K Ultra HD OLED - the most vibrant visuals available
  • P5 Perfect Picture Engine for enhanced visuals
  • Smart TV - catch up, movies & more
  • Ambilight projects on the wall around the TV
  • Alexa compatible - change channels with just your voice
4.6 / 5

Simply the best.

Forget QLED or another other technology OLED is still king. This is a stunning TV and for me almost perfect. Just eArc would have made it, but I knew what I was buying and this is a great TV. Quality is a significant step up from what I already had as a great LED 4k TV. Get this, Sony A8 or LG CX, and you've got a winner. Amberlight was my deciding factor and it really does make it "immersive" as they like to say. Go on, you know you want to...
Ian Fellows

Phillips ambilight 55in oled smart tv

Cannot fault this product.It looks so stylish.The screen is so slim.Excellent picture and sound quality.Great value for money.With the added ambilight,its absolutely amazing!.Watching movies and sports,you actually feel like you are in the programme you are watching.So pleased with our purchase.Would highly recommend this product.

Amazing Picture, Ambilight really adds to the experience.

Amazing brightness, clarity and colours compared with our old LCD screen. Frame looks good though not sure why they bother with silver edges as they are barely noticable. Ambilight is really good for watching movies in a dark room, really adds to the atmosphere. Sound quality is usable (bit muffled due to speakers mounted on the back of screen). Sound is much better when used with the Philips TAB6405/10 soundbar (amazing bass). Controls and Android UI is very good, fast and responsive, allows installing apps from the Play Store and all works well. I would recommend this product.

Abi light Philips TV ads new viewing dimension

Had TV for little over a week. Never had a 4k TV and I have to say "WOW" everything about this set is quality, I especially love the ambi light surround ads another dimension to watching TV. A.O were fabulous all the way through from me upgrading original order to the helpful delivery guy. Philips have made a superb TV worthy of any family living room.

As good as I'd hoped.

OK, so I've wanted a OLED TV for a few years and I decided to use some of my redundancy due to covid (which has destroyed my beloved travel industry ... for now) to put a smile on my face. My heart wanted to love the Philips because I already have a 4K Philips TV and i LOVE ambilight. My head said get the LG CX but I bought the Philips and hoped for the best. Thankfully I made the right decision because the picture on the Philips 55OLED805 is astounding (as the LG's will be I'm sure). So my point is if you have any doubts at all about the Philips then take it from me that it's not the What Hifi best TV of 2020 for nothing. Please Philips add the Apple TV App, just for me!? (Some hope considering it's an Android TV!)
Ian Marshall

Tv 4k

Absolutely love this TV, picture quality is amazing

Philips Ambilight is a definite de-light

This was an upgrade on my 15 year old Philips Ambilight, which was perfectly good. I just wanted to treat myself to a 4K OLED. So far it has been excellent with a crisp picture & the ambilight is excellent. Still probably the best makers of TV’s in my opinion.

Excellent picture and sound quality

Excellent picture & sounds quality are amazing brought to replace a 10 year Sony
Leonard Okogba