Customer Reviews — Philips 55OLED805 55" Smart Ambilight 4K Ultra HD Android OLED TV

Customer Reviews — Philips 55OLED805 55" Smart Ambilight 4K Ultra HD Android OLED TV

Philips 55OLED805 55" Smart Ambilight 4K Ultra HD Android OLED TV
  • 4K Ultra HD OLED - the most vibrant visuals available
  • P5 Perfect Picture Engine for enhanced visuals
  • Smart TV - catch up, movies & more
  • Ambilight projects on the wall around the TV
  • Alexa compatible - change channels with just your voice
4.6 / 5

Almost perfect

Absolutely love the screen and the lights; the sound quality is pretty good also for inbuilt. Couple of things that I notice: - every so often get some screen tearing whilst watching shows - had to play about with settings to make the motion for more natural. By default it gets a bit over processed. - sound sometimes goes out of sync, but nothing pausing and playing doesn't solve. Pretty good product overall, just the couple of things above that stop it from being perfect.
Sam Ward

really good tv

really happy with my purchase, picture is really good and the ambilight is fantastic.

Wow tv

Absolutely amazing TV. Even watching old films the quality is outstanding

Ambi quality - Philips TV

Excellent TV! The ambilight just adds a whole different complexion to watching Television and also adds a general mood light ambient tone to the lounge overall. Very happy with this product indeed!


Excellent picture, sound is good for a thin tv


Picture and lighting is fantastic. Sound is much better than most TVs and actually sounds as good as some sound bars do. Very happy with the product.

Really does provide an extra dimension to you viewing!

Bought specifically for the ambilight system, the TV was an excellent price and when priced up the Play HDMI Sync Box and Play gradient light strip to add to my existing [none Philips] setup I thought why not take the plunge. Most would say bit of a gimmick but it really does provide an extra dimension to your viewing and sure will get even better when I add additional Philips Hue lights. Had the television a week now and so far no complaints, fantastic in UHD, the colours are great and the blacks are amazing. Probably the biggest surprise for me compared to previous Samsung model is the depth & quality of the built-in sound which is a noticeable step up, I don't think I will even bother with a sound bar. First time lived with Android software but as anything and I will get used to it. Read the reviews as I always would when making such a purchase, only negatives were next generation gaming which isn't a concern of mine and yes the remote is a little uninspiring but that's being very picky. Hopefully future software updates will allow Apple TV [if Apple & Google play nice] and it would be nice if the lights on the remote stayed on a little longer but doubt that will be fixed by an update. Bit of advice... if you still watch some terrestrial television TV best connected to a normal aerial, I have connected previous TV's to 1 wire of a no longer used Sky dish and even though you can do this with this TV it doesn't display the channels anywhere near as efficiently as others [I tend to use the satellite connection for HD versions of terrestrial channels].
Lee Hinchcliffe

Very good OLED withou hdmi 2.1

Fantastic image. Image processing is very good, without any problems during fast action scenes. There are some occasional hiccups on sudden movements, but not very noticeable at all. Ambilight went from a cool gimmick to something I can't see myself without. Only downside is not having hdmi 2.1, something that should be present on every 2020 model, but then again, there are plenty of issues going around with hdmi 2.1 in LG TVs.