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Customer Reviews — Philips 55PUS6754 55" Smart Ambilight 4K Ultra HD TV

Customer Reviews — Philips 55PUS6754 55" Smart Ambilight 4K Ultra HD TV

Philips 55PUS6754 55" Smart Ambilight 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and Freeview Play
  • 4K Ultra HD with upscaling - incredible picture quality
  • HDR10+ and Dolby Vision for amazingly vibrant colours
  • Smart TV - catch up, movies & more
  • Intuitive SAPHI dashboard is super-easy to navigate
  • 3-sided Ambilight projects onto the wall around the TV
4.8 / 5

Ambilight TV

Really like the ambilight feature .. you can change the settings to get the colour you would like or have it change depending on the audio. Makes a nice feature wall if you have the TV on the wall TV switches off if you dont press a button in 3 hours. Overall satisfied with this TV


for the Money it’s a good tv, though the sound is appalling. I’ve bought a sound bar which instantly improves the experience. My screen has some led bleed around the edges and some clouding on dark scenes. I can’t quite achieve the image I’m looking for. It’s not a bad picture but I feel my older LG has a more pleasing picture. But perhaps it’s because this one is crisper. It’s certainly a very good quality screen, I’m just very picky. Ambilight is nice. And the many options to tune all the variables are plenty. Though no nowtv app is very disappointing, as is the lack of a manual eq. For the money the screen / picture is excellent though I feel I prefer LG screens. The sound is awful, but a sound bar fixes that. I’m picky about this kind of thing. The general user will be pleased but a sound bar is a must.

Like Blackpool illuminations

Once you've seen this bad boy you'll never want to go back to a regular TV. You can set it to go with what's on-screen or different colours. When listening to music you can have it pulsing with the beat or have a disco lightshow! The screen is good too... ??


A beautiful looking TV and great quality viewing, love the backlighting, makes watching anything feel exciting, even the news! Easy to set up and to use. Really pleased!

Absolutely a great TV.

Ordered this to replace a different smaller TV, can't believe the difference, with the lights in the room off you get immersed in what's on the TV with the added advantage of the ambilight. You hear alot of reviews about not going back to other tvs because of the ambilight I agree, well impressed.

Even better than I thought

Was very close to ordering the 65inch but opted for the 55inch last second. Good choice for us personally. Ours is not placed on the wall but on a TV bench which actually turned out to be the right call - any bigger then we would have lost out on the full impact of the ambilight as the bench has bookshelves either side (if the space was larger would have gone with 65inch though for sure) - the ambilight adds so much more than I thought, the fact that we have it off the wall and has a white wall behind it gave it room to really go to work. Police cars driving past in films looks really impressive and gives an immersive feel, make the screen feel larger than it is. The light is more than a gimmick and would miss it if I had to go without it now. The picture quality, sharpness, colour and detail is stunning. Its great quality for 4k netflix, general HD film anyway and God of War on PS4 looked sharp and great too (and that's on a standard PS4 not a Pro as well) In terms of sound its more than passable but accompanied with a soundbar this really does feel like a cinematic experience.


The TV works flawlessly, the ambilight feature is incredible and automatically changes its settings when you change the use of the TV (watching films, gaming, etc.). Sound quality is really good for the price, would recommend a soundbar or speakers for extra bass. Screen resolution is phenomenal, excellent for those who are attuned to the finer details.

Philips 55PUS6754 55" Smart Ambilight 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and Freeview Play Philips 55PUS6754 review

Great service, speedy delivery t.v. picture quality is amazing, mainly use it for hdr gaming and can say I'm impressed. It handles motion tracking very well so can spot your for from a distance with ease. If your thinking about it, just grab one, and the price is totally worth what you get